Tough Times: Celebrities Who Were Abused By Their Parents

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Celebrities Who Were Abused By Their Parents

Bad parenting and abuse is all over the news these days. It just breaks our hearts to see kids going through something like that. However, it’s good to know that despite the abuse, some of these kids can grow up to be celebrities and have lucrative careers. Take a look at what they’ve overcome.

Halle Berry – Her father abused her growing up, which didn’t help when her partners would do the same.

Charlize Theron – She was abused by her father who told her he’d kill her whole family.

Drew Barrymore – She was abused by her father growing up.

Miachael Jackson – We all know about how his father abused him and the rest of the Jacksons.

Christina Aguilera – Her father abused her growing up.

Bill Clinton – He had an abusive step father as a child

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    Tyler Perry – His father abused him and he said he was molested by a neighbor as a kid

    Anne Heche – She suffered from physical and s*xual abuse at the hands of her father.

    Ella Fitzgerald – She was abused by her stepfather growing up

    Macaulay Culkin – He had a ruthless stage dad who was emotionally hard on him

    Angelina Jolie – Her father was emotionally abusive, and she hated him until Brad Pitt orchestrated a reconciliation.

    Eminem – He’s claimed that his mother was abusive and faked a bunch of his sicknesses as a kid to over-medicate him.

    Rose McGowan – She was in a religious cult and was passed around and abused.

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