Slackers To The Back! What Type Of Co-Worker Are You? [Quiz]

- By Bossip Staff

What Type Of Co-Worker Are You?

The workplace is filled with a host of different types of people, but every office has a few signature characters that will undoubtedly be present no matter where you work.

From the slacker to the workaholic to the complainer and everything in between, almost everyone falls into some type of co-worker category.

So, what type of co-worker are you? Take our quiz below and find out!

What’s the first thing you do when you get to the office?
Check yourself out in the bathroom mirror
Go straight to your desk in silence
Hope no one notices you’re late
Grab a cup of coffee
Greet everyone
Check in with your boss
What does your desk look like?
A blank canvas
A Macy’s ad
A shrine to yourself
A tornado just came through
A pile of Post-it notes
A Pinterest board
During your lunch break, you’re most likely to:
Go shopping
Eat at your desk
People watch
Take a walk alone
Have lunch with a co-worker
Lunch break? What’s that?
What’s the one thing you look forward to during weekly staff meetings?
Cracking jokes after the meeting
Explaining what went wrong this week
Getting to present your ideas
Getting compliments on your outfit
Sitting closest to the door
The end
What adjective would your boss use to describe you?
During office parties, you’re most likely to be:
Heading home before the party starts
At the front of the food or bar line
In the middle of the dance floor
Making the boss a plate
Talking to the new guy/girl
Complaining about the music
How many days a week are you likely to work late?
Negative 5
Does happy hour count?
Your reaction to someone stealing your lunch from the office fridge:
Throw a fit for a week
Just order takeout
Report it to HR
Go back to your desk
Find someone to “treat” you to lunch
Wait, we have a fridge?
You got: I'm a Slacker
Level of Annoyance: 3 out of 5 - You’re annoying because you do the absolute bare minimum and are proud of your ability to pimp the system while everybody else is putting in work. You show up late, take two-hour lunches and leave early. When you actually are at your desk, you spend most of your time trolling Facebook or travel sites trying to book your next weeklong vacation. Although you have a decent relationship with your co-workers, most of them are annoyed by your “lazy” behavior and talk about you behind your back. You think no one notices your less-than-average work ethic, but they all do, including your boss… so step it up!
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You got: I'm a Brown Noser
Level of Annoyance: 4 out of 5 - Your boss might love you, but your co-workers… not so much. Why? Because you’ll stop at nothing to please whoever is in charge, even if it means isolating yourself from your peers. That’s exactly what you do every time you throw a co-worker under the bus, kiss up to supervisors in meetings, and boast about all the projects you’ve done. Ain’t nobody got time for all that. You might be proud about being the first one in the office and the last one out, but it all boils down to the same thing: you working alone.
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You got: I'm a Loner
Level of Annoyance: 1 out of 5 - You’re not really annoying; you’re just really standoffish. In your mind socializing with co-workers and giving up personal information to “strangers” has nothing to do with doing your job or earning your paycheck. You view the workplace as a means to make money and that’s about it. That’s why you keep your head down, do your job and go home. Some of your co-workers have tried to get you to come out of your shell but it never works because you’re just not interested in sharing. You’re the type to play the background at all company functions and whenever you leave a job it takes about two weeks before anyone even realizes you quit.
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You got: I'm the Fun One
Level of Annoyance: 0 out of 5 - You’re actually not annoying at all. You play just as hard as you work and are shameless in making your job environment enjoyable for not only yourself, but everyone around you as well. Your co-workers appreciate your light-hearted approach to almost any task and your boss admires your ability to maintain a positive attitude no matter whatever menial task comes your way. Because of your pleasant disposition everyone from the janitor to the CEO knows your name. You are the lifeblood of any office you’ve ever worked in and the life of any office party. Your work, life, balance philosophy is: turndown for what?
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You got: I'm a Complainer
Level of Annoyance: 5 out of 5 - If there were an award for most annoying employee you’d win hands down year after year. While no job is perfect you tend to take complaints to the extreme. Someone could bring FREE donuts for the office and you’ll point out that the jelly should have been strawberry instead of grape. Your negative attitude knows no bounds, and both the HR and IT departments cringe every time another one of your annoying emails hits their inbox. No matter what’s going on in the workplace you always find a way to find something wrong. If the work environment is really that bad for you perhaps you just quit already. Trust us, there’d be no complaints here.
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You got: I'm a Flirt
Level of Annoyance: 2 out of 5 - You’re annoying because there’s a fine line between friendly banter and blatant flirting with co-workers that you tend to cross often. Whether you’re the guy who tries to sleep with every woman in the office or the girl who dresses like a walking thirst trap, workplace sexual harassment rules were drafted (and constantly updated) with you in mind. Your co-workers always warn new employees about your infamous innuendo or how touchy-feely you can be are around supervisors. Sex sells but even if you’re not trying to sleep your way to the top ain’t nobody in the office buying what you got. Ladies, save the skimpy outfits for after work affairs and not office meetings, and fellas, keep your eyes, hands and unmentionables to yourself. People come to work to do a job not do you. Get over yourself already.
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