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Drake Still Has Love For Rihanna But Isn’t Ready To Be A One Woman Man

If the latest reports are true, Drake hasn’t stopped loving Rihanna but that doesn’t mean they’ll be getting back together soon, or maybe at all!

According to HollywoodLife reports:

Drake and Rihanna split back in May over reported commitment issues, but it’s clear they still have a connection! has learned if the rapper is FINALLY ready to devote 100% of his love to Riri.

Drake, 27, has been hinting that he’s not over his passionate ex-relationship with Rihanna, 26, so why aren’t they a couple again? A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Drake still “loves and respects” Riri, but he’s “not ready” for one big relationship step.

It’s this simple: Drake’s not yet a man who can fully commit to a woman (yes, even if that woman is the gorgeous, talented and oh-so successful Rihanna).

“He‘ll always have love for Rihanna. He‘s just not in a position to give her what she would want and he‘s honest abut that,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Drake’s career is his biggest priority right now.

“He can’t give her 100%. He‘d rather devote all that energy to his music, his career and other business ventures. He‘s not ready for a serious commitment to one her,” our source says. Oh, and he’s NOT ready to take one major relationship step.

“He‘s not ready to move in with her, set up shop and play house. It’s nothing against her, he‘s not ready for any woman right now.” All of this might make Drake seem like an immature man, but he’s actually staying away from Riri to try and protect her heart.

“He loves Rihanna too much to lead her on. He‘s not that man. He loves her and respects her entirely too much to play with heart. He‘s just not ready, but he‘s cool with her and they are friends.”

Despite their split, Drake and Rihanna are still friends. As we previously reported, Riri’s open to recording a song with Drake OR her other ex, Chris Brown!

“You know for Rihanna, music is the one thread that bonds people together. I don’t know what she’d be doing if it were not for making music. She loves her work so much and is inspired by music that I think she would record with Drake and or Chris or maybe even both together. It would have to be the right time though. timing is everything,” our source revealed.

Were y’all into the idea of “AubRih” or nah? Personally we don’t see him being able to hold her attention for long. She always seems kinda like she gets with him when she’s bored. Just sayin!



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