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We’re not sure which part makes us more disgusted — Drizzy threatening women or the raw doggy business with the “exotic” entertainers.

Houston Dancer Jhonni Blaze Accuses Drake Of Sending Men To Threaten Her For Spilling Details Of Their Affair

Either way, it’s looking real ugly for dude right now thanks to an alleged illicit affair with Houston dancer Jhonni Blaze.

According to Baller Alert fan mail:

Last week Baller Alert broke the story that Drake and former V Live stripper Lira Galore were coupled up in Drake’s Toronto condo at the Hazelton. That piece of information did not sit well with another V Live dancer, Jhonni Blaze, who just that weekend Drake spent 2 days straight having unprotected sex.

In the Baller Mail Jhonni Blaze tells BA exclusively that she and Drake spent an entire week together where she played the piano for him, partied with him and had deep conversation. She says Drake charmed her and ever since the passing of her ex-boyfriend, she has never had a man be so kind and sweet to her.  “If you notice, I’m not like Lira. I didn’t post [about us] because I dont need the attention.”

They exchanged numbers, Drake giving her his iPhone and Blackberry contact information and before jetting off, he and Jhonni had weekend long sex-capade UNPROTECTED. “I asked him why he messed with me with no condom, what if I get pregnant. He said ‘I’m not worried about that, I just want to give you the best of me’. He wanted to feel all of me. He ate me out. He kissed me. He’s a loving sexual person,” she tells Baller Alert. Jhonni does admit that she and Drake got into a heated argument in the club on his last night in town, over him talking to another girl while they were together. He later apologized via text messages. This isn’t the only time Drake has been accused of arguing with women in the club. Just a few weeks ago he and Cat of Taz’s Angels got into a huge argument right in the middle of Cameo Nightclub in Miami.

She also says that he made plans to fly her to Toronto later in the month but instead ended up flying her friend out just days later. Jhonni says that when she caught wind of the news that Lira was in Toronto, she confronted Drake about it to which he denied it and tried to make her come off as crazy. She says that he called her a b****, told her that she was going to look stupid when the truth came out and to stop contacting him.  “My city of Houston tore me apart on the radio like, ‘Jhonni didn’t know he was a hoe.’ I took off a week from work and I’m the topic of my city, they’re laughing because I’m walking around with this fool. He was kissing me in my job, made the DJ switch the song to my name, I have a video of us playing piano together, this is embarrassing,” Jhonni explains. She also says that Drake even went as far as having her talk to his mother to validate his side of the story. That was until he posted a photo of he and Lira having drinks, then there was no more denying it. Once the pics were posted, Drake’s tune changed and he assured Jhonni that Lira was only in town to film a music video and that he never had sex with her. According to a few other girls who’ve had their dealings with him, the music video thing is sort of his M.O.

Ever after the news broke, Jhonni took to her instagram page several times to acknowledge her hurt and embarrassment, as well as reiterate that she had no intentions of putting him on blast — despite what she likely would have done in the past. That’s when things got messy. According to Jhonni, Drake wasn’t buying it and instead, made threats on her life.
Jhonni explains to Baller Alert that Drake made calls and sent men to her place of employment in an attempt to shake her up. Jhonni was not working that night and when they could not find her, instead sent their threats through her friend. The goons warned that Jhonni was going to “catch an issue.” According to Blaze, Drake put a price on her head.
It was then that Jhonni says she feared for her life and was even more afraid that no one would believe her. According to Jhonni they even went as far as kicking down the door to her apartment where she, a female friend and a 10 month old child were staying. Jhonni said she feared so much for her safety that she went to the police and filed a police report.

Yikes… Do you believe it? Well if not, Jhonni sent in her texts and police report to substantiate her story.

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We were skeptical about them “playing the piano together” but it looks like Jhonni does have some skills on the keyboard



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And some vocal talent.

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