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Shame on you!


13 Common, Boldface Lies Used By Cheaters


If  you’ve ever been in a relationship where there was infidelity, you’ve probably heard one, if not all of the following excuses. Even celebrity couples have tried to justify their cheating in these ways. Here are are the most common, boldface excuses used by cheaters. How many would you fall for?



“I’m distant because I need my space.”


“She’s just my friend.”



“I was working, my phone was off.”


“I lock my phone because it’s mine.”

“No, you’re a cheater!”

“I didn’t tell you…because you don’t have to know everything I do.”

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“You don’t do anything right!”

“That’s a lie/that’s not what you saw.”

“You made me cheat.”


“I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I did it because I was stressed.”


“I love YOU, I wasn’t thinking at the time.”


“I’ll do anything to get you back!”





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