When The Checks Stop Coming: Former Celebrities Who Had To Get Real Jobs

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Former Celebrities Who Had To Get Real Jobs

Hey, money’s gotta get made. No matter how famous somebody is, when those checks stop, the bills still have to get paid. That’s why these celebrities who lost their fame had to get regular jobs like the rest of us. Others just grabbed jobs for the fun of it.

Delonte West – During the NBA lockout, he got a job as a furniture salesman.

Josh Gordon – He’s selling cars in Cleveland while he lives out his NFL suspension.

Jon Gosselin – He had to get a job as a waiter after his reality show gig fell apart.

Vanilla Ice – He went into real estate and is doing surprisingly well actually.

Susan Boyle – She applied for a retail job while in the UK.


Dylan Sprouse – He took a gig as a waiter to “pay for his video game addiction.”

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    Tony Danza – He actually started teaching in Philadelphia public school for a bit.

    Steven Seagal – He was a real life cop in Louisiana for years.

    Shaq – He also was a cop. But you know he doesn’t need the money.

    Kanye West – He was a real-life fashion intern so he could get his fashion career on the right track.

    Pharrell – He also did some fashion interning that seemed to work out for himself.

    Cappadonna – He had to supplement his rap career by being a cab driver.

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