BOSSIP Exclusive: Zane Talks Her Freaky-Deeky Film ‘ADDICTED’, Shonda Rhimes And Women Taking Control Of Their Sexuality

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I really love the challenge of creating simulated sex scenes and making them look real…

Zane Dishes On “ADDICTED”

People who can’t get enough of Zane’s tantalizing tomes on erotica will be pleased to know that her film “ADDICTED” is officially in theaters. The provocative thriller about desire and the dangers of indiscretion stars Sharon Leal and Boris Kodjoe who are steaming up movie screens with their story. In it, we see Leal as Zoe Lenard, a successful businesswoman who puts at risk her career and family due to her insatiable sexual appetite. A film for adults for sure, ADDICTED binds the seductive love scenes to real life situations that keep you engrossed as you wait to see if Zoe can turn from her pleasure seeking ways and work on piecing her  picture perfect life back together.

Zane recently caught up with BOSSIP during a round table discussion and told us about us her immense imagination, her joy for creating simulated sex scenes and the business of dishing out pleasure to the previously repressed in books and cinema.

How does a [seemingly] reserved woman like yourself come up with such a dynamic script?

I’m not always reserved. I think that I’m a normal woman who is professional but also very passionate. I’m passionate about everything I do in life.

Do any of your real life experiences trickle into this film?

All the time. (Laughs) I never say which ones. A lot of my friends are tickled because they see the [sexual] stuff that they’ve done in my stuff. It’s a lot of me and a lot of my best friends.

How are your Cinemax shows similar and dissimilar to this movie?

Doing the Cinemax shows was very interesting, I wanted to do something different and something that changed the landscape over there and it did. We cut down the amount of sex that was in a late night show by half and did something that had never been done. I really love the challenge of creating simulated sex scenes and making them look real. People swear up and down that people are having sex and they’re not. I know for a fact that they were not but I’m very good at making it look real and I was very specific with the scenes.

Even in the movie you see there’s a difference between the way a man makes love to someone he’s in love with and someone he’s just screwing. And in the movie it’s the reverse, you look at the way Sharon was with Boris, it was one way; and then with William it was another way and then with Tyson it was like; okay! She said I’ve never done anything like this before and she dropped them panties. Women do have those different ways that they like to have sex.

Do you think it’s liberating to show women taking control of their sexuality? 

Absolutely. Sexuality is usually the area in a woman’s life where they feel the least comfortable but of they can feel comfrtable in that area it usually trickles down to other areas of their life. Let’s face it, when women are sexually satisfied, they have a different appearance about them. I was joking with Boris and William [Levy] about how I can always tell when my friends are not having sex; their skin is dry, their hair is brittle, they’re like snap dragons but when they have a good sex life their skin is glowing, their hair is beautiful and they’re coming over to my house baking red velvet cupcakes. You know what I’m talking about. It really is a need.

Talk to me about your writing. There are tons of romance and erotica writers, but what about your work keeps fans coming back for more? 

I think it’s my vivid imagination., I think I write outside the box. I have a very unique writing style, I keep it very real, I’m very detailed. I think most of it comes from the fact that I dig deep into creating my characters so people become engrossed in them. I remember when I first wrote “ADDICTED” and put it online, there were people who were actually having arguments about Zoe and Jason like they were real people. That’s when I knew I had something.

What is it like being a black woman in Hollywood and writing so openly about sex? On one hand you have support from feminists and on the other you have women who are conservative and probably take issue with it…

They do, they can take issue all day long. I’m just doing me. I’ve never really dealt with criticism to be honest, I know I got here ’cause my parents had sex, I don’t know about y’all. My father’s a minister but I know for a fact that my parents had sex, it’s a very natural part of life. I was really shocked when I first swtarted doing this and there was all this backlash. That’s why I continued to do it because on one hand there were people saying all this stuff but then there were women emailing me from around the world like,  ‘thank you for letting me know that I’m normal. There were women in their 40s telling me I never had an orgasm until I started reading your books and started feeling like I could actually demand sex the way that I wanted to have sex. That’s why one of my books is titled “Missionary No More.” I feel like women if we’re going to have sex why shouldn’t we enjoy it as much as the men? Why should we just be a vessel for the man’s pleasure?  We should be just as satisfied from the process as the men.

Shonda Rhimes writes about women who take control in the boardroom and the bedroom, what’s your take on her and what she’s doing for television?
I think it’s great, I think it’s absolutely great. I think that the more doors that are opened the better and the more people will embrace giving people opportunities.


Kat Graham  (who stars in the film) and Zane recently made a stop in Atlanta to promote the movie and rubbed elbows with the likes of Claudia Jordan, Gary With The Tea and Ryan Cameron.

Will you be watching this new movie????

Check out more photos from the Atlanta “ADDICTED” screening after the flip.

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