India Love professes her love of The Game on Instagram

Do It For The ‘Gram: India Love The Princess Of Thots-A-Lot Proclaims Her Love For The Game [Photos]

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There is a difference between a pretty young thang and pretty young…thang…

India Love Post Instagram Photo Professing Her Love For The Game

If you thought that The Game’s new fresh-faced flavor of the week, India Love, was gonna be old news by today then prepare to eat a some leftovers.

This afternoon, the titillating teen made it abundantly clear exactly how she feels about Mr. Jayceon Taylor.

Now, while India is pouring her barely pubescent heart out on social media, we received a tip from BOSSIP sources that India has traded in her high school prom date ex-boyfriend in favor of the fame (and new breats implants?) that come with hangin’ out with rappers and A-list celebrity seeds…

Flip the page to see what we mean.

Image via Instagram

According to our source, India’s high school boyfriend was named “Ron”, they went to prom together and he is currently playing at UCLA alongside Diddy’s son Justin…

Wonder how THAT conversation went…?

Justin: *walks up to Ron* Aye, man, what you doin’?

Ron: Chillin’, just lookin’ at pics of my ex-girl.

Justin: Oh yeah, lemme see. Wait, INDIA is your ex-girl?!?

Ron: Yeah. Why you say it like that?

Justin: *sheepishly mumbles* Ah, man, no reason, India is the homie…

Flip the page to see who else is rumored to have split India’s childish backs in two…

Soulja boy up in that ho, watch him crank it, watch her roll…

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Keep flipping to read Game’s response to all the criticism surrounding his new “friend”.

Apparently Game has caught wind of the rumor that he is sexing this broad, and he clapped back at a woman who expressed concern about this relationship on Instagram.

All that sounds good, but the pictures on the following page tell a different story entirely…

Question ladies, would you ever be wearing the boxers of a man who was not blowing your backs to smithereens???


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