Reasons We Think Drake and Wayne are Lying About Romancing Nicki Minaj

16 Reasons We Think Drake and Lil Wayne are Lying About Romancing Nicki Minaj

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The sexual tension is just too high!

16 Reasons We Think Drake and Lil Wayne are Lying About Romancing Nicki Minaj

The dynamic over at Young Money right now is pretty awkward to say the least. With tensions between Tyga and Drake being brought to the forefront and Nicki’s rumored break up with long time boyfriend, they’ve added fuel to the tension  by releasing their song “Only’. On “Only” Drake and Wayne describe in detail the “what if,” if anything sexual happened between them and Nicki Minaj. Now that we look back at it, the fantasies they described may have already transpired! We are not fooled.

Peep the 16 reasons we think Drake and Wayne are lying about romancing Nicki Minaj after the jump.



Nicki is very comfortable grabbing Drake’s package.





She finds any excuse to hump on him.




She’s made him her man of interest several times in her videos.




She even marries him in “Moment 4 Life”.




She calls him her “brother” after putting her hands all over his body parts. That’s definitely “code” for something else.




Drake always has googly eyes around her.


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They always looked like two people fooling around trying to keep it cool early in their careers.




Drake raps about marrying Nicki in his song “Miss Me”.




They seemed to want to tell the world about their romance at one point.



At one time, Nicki called herself the female Lil Wayne. Sounding like a female sprung off of dopamine.


Nicki grinds on Wayne awkwardly in their “Knock Out” video.

The were very “touchy feely” when on tour together,

There were rumors about Wayne and Nicki hooking up early in her career, even her old manager Fendi alluded to them.

They’ve gotten intimate on camera for their “High School” video together.

Nicki gives Wayne a convincing lap dance at the Billboard awards in 2013.


They all deny their romances in their new single “Only,” meanwhile no one asked. They’re probably all lying.




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