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Everyone loves Lupita!

Lupita Nyong’o Covers Glamour

Oscar winner/banger Lupita Nyong’o is Glamour magazine’s 2014 “Woman of The Year” and in it, dishing on her good looks and discusses how she was affected by European standards of beauty.

At one point she even reflects on seeing a commercial for skin bleaching.

Via Glamour magazine:

GLAMOUR: You’ve received lots of attention for your looks. Did you grow up feeling beautiful?

LN: European standards of beauty are something that plague the entire world—the idea that darker skin is not beautiful, that light skin is the key to success and love. Africa is no exception. When I was in the second grade, one of my teachers said, “Where are you going to find a husband? How are you going to find someone darker than you?” I was mortified. I remember seeing a commercial where a woman goes for an interview and doesn’t get the job. Then she puts a cream on her face to lighten her skin, and she gets the job! This is the message: that dark skin is unacceptable. I definitely wasn’t hearing this from my immediate family—my mother never said anything to that effect—but the voices from the television are usually much louder than the voices of your parents.

GLAMOUR: So how did you get over believing that?

LN: I come from a loving, supportive family, and my mother taught me that there are more valuable ways to achieve beauty than just through your external features. She was focused on compassion and respect, and those are the things that ended up translating to me as beauty. Beautiful people have many advantages, but so do friendly people…. I think beauty is an expression of love.



She also dished on the ‘Lupita effect’ and how she’s changing the face of products and making waves for women of color worldwide.

GLAMOUR: You’ve become so popular that people talk about “the Lupita effect,” which includes everything from consumers running out to buy the lip gloss you’re using to designers casting more women of color on the runway. How do you react to that?

LN: I giggle. I just heard it for the first time. I’ve heard people talk about images in popular culture changing, and that makes me feel great, because it means that the little girl I was, once upon a time, has an image to instill in her that she is beautiful, that she is worthy—that she can… Until I saw people who looked like me, doing the things I wanted to, I wasn’t so sure it was a possibility. Seeing Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah in The Color Purple, it dawned on me: “Oh—I could be an actress!” We plant the seed of possibility.

You just gotta love Lupita, riiiiight?

Check out more of her spread with Glamour below.



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