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The Most Bizarre Celebrity Burials Of All Time

We all know the stories of how our favorite celebrities died, but how were they buried? These crazy burial/funeral stories will make you want to revisit your will and make sure all is well. Yikes.

Jimmy Dean – He made a request that he would be entombed in a $350,000 piano-shaped mausoleum that said “Here lies one hell of a man.”

Tupac Shakur – His ashes were smoked by his rap buddies, The Outlawz.

Jim Henson – He had two services. One in NY and one in London where Big Bird sang in each. 🙁

James Brown – His body was held up for months and his legs were eventually cut off for paternity tests. Sad stuff.

Bruce Lee – Footage of his funeral was used on the movie Game Of Death and they insinuated that he faked his death to keep the movie plot going.

Michael Jackson – His funeral was a star-studded event but it really became a big issue when the city of Los Angeles had a dispute over who would fork over the cost for the event.

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Whitney Houston – Her funeral turned into a fiasco when Bobby Brown got kicked out for trying to bring an entourage with him at the front row. He also left to do a New Edition concert.

Sherman Hemsley – His funeral was actually CANCELLED thanks to a nasty family feud. A family member thought he would preside, but plans got changed and the family got into it.

Macho Camacho – A crazy fight broke out at his funeral between two women claiming to be his girlfriend.

Rodney Dangerfield – Look at his hilarious tombstone.

Merv Griffin – He also had a funny tombstone.

Al Capone – He was buried in some sort of “tomb” that led to a crazy investigation by Geraldo with a TV special and everything. The exposed tomb revealed…nothing.



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