Michael Phelps Ex Says She Told Him She's Intersex Before Going Public

Michael Phelps’ Boo Thang Says He Hasn’t Called Her Since She Told The World About Being Intersex

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Hmmm… That’s odd. We can’t imagine why he’d curve her, can you?

Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Hasn’t Heard From Him Since Revealing She Wasn’t Born A Woman

The young woman who recently revealed to the world that she was born intersex is apparently no longer dating Michael Phelps after her big announcement.

According to Hollywood Life reports:

Taylor Lianne Chandler, the woman who confessed to being Olympian Michael Phelps‘ girlfriend prior to him going to rehab on Nov. 20, has been suffering severe backlash since sharing her story of being born intersex with the world. But even her harshest critics don’t know all the details, as Taylor explains that she told her secret to Michael before she told anyone else.

Michael, 29, has been ignoring all of Taylor’s, 41, attempts of communication since her story became headlines on Nov. 20. While the genereal assumption is that Michael is avoiding Taylor for deceiving him, Taylor explains that she was nothing but honest about her past. “I told my story to Michael a day before I posted it on my private facebook and then public,” Taylor tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

She goes on to explain that those who consider her a ‘fame whore’ for parading her story around and hiring a publicist are jumping to conclusions before knowing all the facts. “Why do I have a publicist? Because I am an interpreter, I had a company website, I am licensed, credentialed and my contact info was public., ” she explains. ” I thought by telling my truth and feeling free for the first time in 41 years that this would stop. Instead I am just an evil born a man, fraud, never dated Michael liar to the world.”

Perhaps the worst of all this drama for Taylor is that she has lost what she thought was a real connection with Michael. After her past became public knowledge – and tabloid headlines — Taylor waited for Michael to call her. But he didn’t… and he still hasn’t.

“I went through hell for him. I protected him. I stayed quiet as the media ripped me apart for seven weeks. I have trusted him and fell for him. My past, my livelihood has all been exposed and taken from me, yet I am evil and destroying his life. I have friends that can’t be on my social media because they don’t want to be linked to this. I can’t go to the gym, the mall, or anywhere without people knowing who I am, first as Michael’s girlfriend portrayed by the media, and then by my whole past,” Taylor tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Do you think Michael is being cruel and ignorant or would you behave the same way?


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