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Todd’s mom is going to haunt Mama Joyce in the afterlife!

Mama Sharon Threatened To Sue Mama Joyce For Calling Her A Prostitute

Kandi Burruss had a whole lotta mama drama on her hands on Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Via RadarOnline reports:

In a feud that came back from beyond the grave, Burruss’ mother-in-law Sharon Wells, who died on Dec. 2, was shown (in scenes filmed before her tragic passing) threatening to sue and punch Burruss’ Mama Joyce.

Still steaming about Mama Joyce having called her a “prostitute” before Burruss’ wedding to Wells’ son Todd Tucker earlier this year, Miss Sharon told the singer there would be serious consequences: “Tell your mother to expect something in the mail. I’m going to send a f*cking summons.

“I’ll sue the b*tch!” she vowed during the New York dinner pow-wow with Burruss and Tucker.

As readers know, Wells had recently told us that she was outraged when Mama Joyce called her a prostitute, a charge Tucker’s mom said was 100 percent NOT true.

And sadly, last week’s episode recognized Tucker’s mother’s sudden death.

(Wells, 69, reportedly died of a stroke and Tucker sorrowfully called her his best friend.)

But Bravo didn’t hesitate to air the drama just days after Wells’ passing — and it was a doozy, as Wells ordered margaritas and appeared to get tipsy while having dinner with Burruss and her son in New York, where Tucker was raised.

“Slow down! I don’t want you to get a DUI walking,” Tucker teased her.

But soon, things got tense as Wells told him she had no plans to move to Atlanta to be close to them, specifically because of Mama Joyce. As Radar has reported, Burruss’ meddling mama believed Tucker was after Kandi’s money and unsuccessfully tried to stop their wedding.

And Mama Joyce also reamed Tucker’s mom.

“She called me a prostitute,” Wells reminded Burruss as Tucker sat by her side in the restaurant. “I ain’t never been no prostitute. Check my resume. I been a lot of things but one thing I ain’t never been was a prostitute or a ho!”

Burruss assured Wells SHE never said she was but Wells said she should “own” what her mother had said.

Tucker pointed out to his wife, “Your mama can’t run the family … and say whatever the f*ck she want to say.

“When does this sh*t stop?”

Burruss sighed, “You can say what you want but my mama is still my mama … and I love her to death.” Tucker asked what would fix the problem and Wells replied, “She put it out there and she’s gotta take it back.”

Wells ranted to Burruss, “Your mother lied on me.”

The Kandi’s Wedding bride told Tucker about Mama Joyce, “I already told her that she owed your mama an apology and she already told me she’s not apologizing. She feel like she’s right.”

At that, Wells exploded, “She feels like I’m a prostitute, well … I will punch her in the mouth when I see her!

“She gotta clear that sh*t up or deal with the consequences … ’cause I’m not scared.”

Wells then threatened to sue Mama Joyce: “She ain’t got the last word on this. She started it and I will end it.”

The saying “You can’t control someone else’s behavior, but only how you react to it”. Kandi rewards Joyce’s abuse financially, and participates emotionally. She dismisses the destruction, embarrassment and hurt feelings Joyce has caused Todd and his family; it is simply their problem.

Do you think Mama Sharon should have sued Mama Joyce??



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