Here’s Everything LeBron James’ Stepdad Da Real Lambo Has Been Up To Lately

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Catching Up With Da Real Lambo

Remember Da Real Lambo? He’s LeBron’s new stepdad and Bron’s biggest fan. His Instagram is one of the most entertaining places on earth because it’s swag on infinity. Want some RNS? This is where it resides. So since it’s been a while without Daddy James in our lives, we decided to update you on his whereabouts.


Putting his earnings and passports on the ‘Gram because why not


His new Balenciaga’s because money ain’t a thang.


Posting up outside the club in all the black clothes ever


Taking vids of K. Michelle’s donk


Getting LeBrons early


Going to KOD to watch dancer boxing matches

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    Letting the world see his alphet and his dog


    Layering. It’s always important to layer.


    Kissing on LeBron’s mom because their love is real


    Embarrassing his English teacher


    Taking pics with a guy who may or may not know who he is


    Letting his extra long shirts rock out on fleek


    This is Thanksgiving.


    Showing off his shoes…again


    Taking his shirt off in the club like he’s Plies eating cheddar biscuits


    Posting inspirational messages to get our lives right


    Dropping that hot fire


    Talking to his new Jordans like they’re iPhones

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