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Mo’nique’s Husband Sidney Hicks Called Out In Blog Post

Remember when we told you that Mo’Nique was told by Lee Daniels that she’d been blackballed in Hollywood for “not playing the game?”

Well in addition to being shunned from the biz for allegedly being difficult to work with, Mo’Nique’s husband Sidney Hicks has been called in to question by the creator of Swagger New York.

Sian Pierre who previously worked at BET as a content producer, recalled a time in 2010 when he was working on Academy Awards coverage for the network and had been asked to research the comedienne.

According to him that’s when he began to learn more about the actress and her hubby/manager Sidney Hicks.

Via Swagger New York:

And that’s when I started to learn about Mo’Nique, the business woman. She and her long-time husband/manager, Sidney Hicks, were becoming the talk of the industry because they allegedly asked for money to show up on carpets to support Precious. While she was not contractually obliged to show up to many of these carpets, most nominated actors “kissed the ring” to sweeten their hopes of a win, if not to continue hype around their nominated movie. But Mo’Nique and Sidney didn’t want to “play the game”, as she recently told The Hollywood Reporter. They wanted to get paid to play the game.

I couldn’t report on that, really. It wasn’t a fact I could prove, nor one I thought super important, given the weight of the film itself.

He then recalled an explosive phone call he got from Mo’s husband who believed he’d be showing the actress’ dress for the Oscars on TV before the awards show. “I will get you fired when I talk to your f**** boss!” Hicks allegedly said.

On Tuesday afternoon, my phone rang. “Hi, this is Sidney. Who am I speaking with?” I had no idea who Sidney could be, I had no friends or work associates with the name. Before I could even finish my name, he began screaming and immediately it clicked. “ARE YOU THE ONE WHO TRIED TO SHOW MO’NIQUE’S F***** OSCAR DRESS ON TV?! ARE YOU THE PRODUCER?! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I WILL GET YOU FIRED WHEN I TALK TO YOUR F**** BOSS.”

I took a breath and responded with something like “First of all, Sidney. Don’t scream at me. Tom and I never planned on actually shooting the dress, as the story isn’t about your wife, it’s about the designers who are dressing her.” After a five minute back and forth, which was part-shouting match part macho ball-grabbing on his part, I was over dealing with Sidney, Mo’Nique’s nasty, mean husband.

SMH….so is it really Mo’nique’s behavior that got her blackballed or her husband’s???

Hit the flip for more of this writer’s perspective on it.

Look like BOTH of them might be problem.

And that should give you a micro-hint at the macro problem of why no one wants to work with Mo’Nique. Because aside from “not playing the game,” she has a non-professional husband who does all of her dealings. And, frankly, Sidney is not someone anyone wants to actually deal with. So while playing the game would be helpful, being nice (and informed) would probably help too. I hope she gets her chance for a renaissance in an unforgiving Hollywood, but I also hope she (and Sidney) have changed the tune. […]

-Sian Pierre


What do YOU make of this Mo’Nique blackball talk???She really hasn’t been in anything major since “Precious”…

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