BossipTV, set in Atlanta, Georgia, is a single camera satirical comedy based on the behind-the-scenes antics at the world’s number one gossip website, While things can get out of hand in the office, there is one person who knows how to reel it all in flawlessly.

Meet Sean Williams, President of BossipTV.

Sean is in her early 30s and a proud HBCU graduate. She started the website in her apartment and has nurtured it to become one of the largest and most lucrative gossip sites in the world. She’s never been married because she lacks the proper work-life balance necessary to maintain a relationship. Outside of work, Sean is pretty much a social misfit. She doesn’t get out much, and her life is the website. She is starting to hear the tick-tock of her biological clock but doesn’t quite know how to put herself out there to meet someone. She rules with an iron fist, but knows how to uplift her staff. Even though on the surface they seem to have nothing in common, it’s clear that Sean looks at her staff members like family. Already fnancially secure, Sean strives to make even more money and cement her place in the who’s who of black business. Things can come off the rails pretty fast in the Bossip offce, but Sean knows how to rally the troops and right the train.

Check out this exclusive interview of Sean below!


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