Smile: Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Fake Teeth

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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Fake Teeth

Show those pearly whites! There’s nothing better than a pretty smile. And these celebrities loved their smiles so much that they got fake teeth put in to make things better. But we bet you didn’t even know they did it.

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Jim Carrey –

You know that gap he had in Dumb & Dumber? It’s actually real. When it’s covered it’s due to his fake teeth.

Catherine Zeta-Jones –

She allegedly got veneers to lengthen her teeth. If you see older pics of her you can definitely tell something got done.

Nicolas Cage –

He pulled out his two front teeth for his movie ‘Birdy’ then had them replaced. That’s dedication.

Bruce Springsteen –

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Rolling Stone – October 20, 2016

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He also appears to have had work done. Not the all-American Bruce Bruce, huh?

Joe Biden –

He’s reportedly spent $20K on his fake teeth. How presidential.

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    Tom Cruise –

    He used to have jacked up teeth back in the day, but he’s got it together now.

    Nene Leakes –

    She’s admitted to getting veneers to help out that smile.

    Keyshia Cole –

    She got veneers to close her gap.

    George Clooney –

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    He also had some work done to get his teeth right.

    Victoria Beckham –

    Her teeth used to be horrible.

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