7 Sitcom Deaths That Made Us Cry

The Tears: A History Of Sitcom Deaths That Actually Made Us Cry

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A History Of Sitcom Deaths That Actually Made Us Cry

Sitcoms are supposed to make us laugh. They’re supposed to be light-hearted and fun. We’re not supposed to cry, dammit. These sitcom deaths actually had us in tears and we aren’t ashamed to say it.

When James Died on Good Times – DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!

Fry’s Dog From “Futurama” – This was the saddest thing ever. It turned out that Fry’s dog was waiting outside the store for Fry until he died.

Edith From “All In The Family”- Who would have thought that Archie Bunker’s wife dying would make us cry, too?

Marshall’s Dad In “How I Met Your Mother “- Any fans of HIMYM here? When Marshall’s dad died, we damn near shed some thug tears.

“News Radio” – Phil Hartman died in real life and the show decided to dedicate an episode to him. If you don’t cry here, you really don’t have a soul.

Coach On “Cheers” – He was a lovable oaf bartender on the show, but they replaced him when he died in real life.

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Dan Conner’s Sort Of Death – He had a sad heart attack in the final season of the show, then we found out he was dead all along. Wait…what?


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