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Sara Stokes On Bouncing Back After Jail

You probably know her best from Making The Band, but Sara Stokes gained headline attention for several years after Diddy’s defunct group faded from the charts — and not for the best reasons. Now, after serving a brief stint in jail for domestic violence against her husband, Sara is back on the scene and ready to tackle the industry head-on. Sara sat down with us to let everyone know her side of the story and give details on her comeback:

I know everyone saw in the media some little “bumps in the road” as I like to call them. Sometimes you have to go through something, but if you go through it and you get through it, as long as you’re triumphant at the end and you keep yourself together, you can pick yourself up.

What is the biggest misconception you think you have to overcome coming out of jail?

The drama. I think everyone forgot that I could sing and that I am actually talented. I have so much more to offer than “Sara’s in a domestic dispute,” or “Sara done went crazy and jumped off a bridge,” or “Sara’s in jail.” I just want them to see that, yes, I had to go through a little bit but sometimes you have to be sat down for a while to realize just what’s going on in your life so you can get things in order and get a plan together to keep it moving.

Well now that that chapter’s closed, what’s next?

So soon as I came out of jail — the intervention center, as I like to call it — they had the cameras right on me for a new reality show that I’m doing right now. It’s all positive; there’s no weave-pulling, no smacking somebody’s face off. It’s a nice cast and the ladies are wonderful.

I also have an album on the way and a new single coming out at the end of April called “Sneak Peek,” that I am super excited for. I guess when you go through something, you can appreciate it more when you get to where you’re trying to go.

I just want everyone to see the real me and what’s going on, and it’s positive. People are going to see the truth, and Sexy Sara Stokes is back!

Take a listen to a snippet of her new single. You likey??

So is your music moving in a new direction?

My new sound is Grown & Sexy and it’s all me. I’m a weird person — I’m a Gemini for one, and we have so many different sounds that we love. I don’t like to just stick to one genre of music, so I feel like why not incorporate some dubstep or some hip hop or R&B? Why not throw a little bit of everything into what I love?

But it’s the real me — and everything I’ve been through? Y’all are going to hear about it in this album.

As far as her family life…Sara isn’t quite ready to reveal where she and her (ex?) husband stand at the moment, but she promises all will be revealed on her upcoming show. However, she’ super excited to gush all about her kids — each of whom you’ll see on her upcoming reality project.

Her son, 19-year-old Elijah is a biochemistry major at MSU (and Prince doppelganger), 18-year-old Gabby is a high school basketball star on her way to college on scholarship, and Eva is 15-year-old with a passion for singing, dancing, and modeling. Her biggest hope remains that her kids, especially her daughters, will look at her example and learn what NOT to do, as well as a blueprint for how to stay resilient and bounce back from whatever life throws in their direction.

She also wants everyone to follow her on Twitter @SexySaraStokes.


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