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Keith Douglas’ Kids Tell BOSSIP Tasha Smith Was The Real Villain In Their Marriage

Keith Douglas’ children say their dad is a great father who is being wrongly portrayed in the media after helping to take ex Tasha Smith’s career to the next level.

Three of Douglas’ five kids told BOSSIP that the recent reports of their father’s pimp-esque lifestyle, philandering, bullyboy behavior and gold digger ways are off the mark.

“He is a good father,” Asia Douglas exclusively told BOSSIP. “He’s had his ups and downs just like any other man.”

“I’m not going to let people call him a monster,” she said. “She needs to take responsibility for her role in the marriage too.”

The siblings, Asia, Rory and Dahlia Douglas, spoke to BOSSIP after we published a series of reports detailing Douglas’ alleged dirty dog deeds during his two and a half year marriage to Smith.

They say it was Smith who behaved like a creep during her ill-fated union with Douglas. His son, Rory, said she behaved like an alcohol-addicted liar with lesbian tendencies and lied to Douglas about not being able to have children.

“I have personally witnessed Tasha disrespect my father by cursing at him and pushing him around,” Rory told BOSSIP. “It was clearly obvious to me that she had a drinking problem because when I was there, I witnessed it. When she was drinking, she would be in full character like she does in the movies, having fun and talking loud. When she wasn’t drinking she would be very, very jittery and highly emotional and hard to deal with.”

Rory claims Douglas is an accomplished author and musician who worked “his butt off” to help Smith’s career; negotiating contracts, writing speeches for her appearances and helping her open an acting school. And Rory said what he got in return was betrayal in the form of emails to Tasha from actress Elisabeth Rohm that read “I miss you baby, I want to hug you and kiss you and I can’t wait to see you.”

Smith also didn’t tell Douglas that she couldn’t conceive after “she had countless abortions that she did not tell him about,” Rory said.

Asia told BOSSIP that Douglas has always been in his kid’s lives when they needed him. She’s had nothing but a regular father/daughter relationship with him, and he sends her Bible verses when she’s feeling discouraged as she continues her education. Asia said she was always close to her father, and Smith did not bring Douglas and his children together.

And while a source close to Smith told BOSSIP that Douglas had a bad habit of spending up Smith’s cash, the sibs said that generosity didn’t trickle down to them.

Asia said Smith did pay for a trip to the Ritz-Carlton for her birthday, and gave her one of her old Gucci bags, but it wasn’t a regular occurrence.

“She was not splurging—if that were the case, I wouldn’t have student loans,” the 24-year-old grad student said, adding that she stopped speaking to Smith after she said Smith recorded a conversation they had where Smith bad-mouthed Douglas.

The sibs insist their father and stepmother’s marriage seemed like a happy one. The family would go for walks every morning and go out to eat. Dahlia Douglas told BOSSIP Smith was like her second mother, and was her shoulder to cry on after she was seriously injured in a car accident.

“To think that she could go from my other mom to having her grown friend who is a man call me all types of horrible names and try to fight me right in front of her face while she smirked for me not wanting to be involved and sticking by my dad’s side is sad,” Dahlia said. “It’s not me turning my back on her, I love her to death. It’s me respecting myself enough to not want to be in the middle of this mess.”

They said they had no idea trouble was brewing until Smith filed for divorce.

“I don’t know what happened with them behind closed doors,” Asia said. “But as far as our viewing, nothing was wrong.”

“It was a shock to all of us,” Asia added. “None of us saw this coming.”


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