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10 Cases of Hilarious Photoshop Sorcery

From airbrushed booties to slimmed limbs, there is no doubt that Photoshop is an amazing and powerful tool. However, in the wrong hands it can lead to hilarious physical fraudulence. Here we expose 10 cases of photoshop sorcery that defy the laws of… well, eyesight.

Mariah Carey

MC has a known history of struggle sorcery but she went too far when promoting her new single using this cover art. (Photo on the right was posted just 4 weeks prior)

Kim K and Blac Chyna

The booty was pretty distracting but no task is too small for our petty bettys on social media!

Lindsay Lohan

#NeverForget the time Lindsay Lohan tired to jump on the big booty bandwagon.


We love some Queen Bey! But this extreme thigh gap trickery is pushing it!

Justin Bieber

#FlashbackFriday to the time this Calvin Klein ad turned JB from a boy to a man by enhancing his male parts.


K. Michelle

As if K. Michelle needed any extra curves?

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Adam Levine

This hilarious mishap was really in the hands of Vogue Russia editors. #Throwback to the time Adam Levine’s forgot a chunk of his torso at home.

Mariah Did It Again!

MC shows us it’s not all about the curves. Something definitely smells fishy here…

Britney Spears

Can she at least get an A for effort?


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