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These Celebrities’ First Plastic Surgeries

Most celebrities you see have done some sort of plastic surgery in their rich a$$ lifetimes. Sometimes it all sort of blends together and we don’t know how they busted their surgery cherries? We have you covered. Just look at these celebrities. We know (or can guess) their first plastic surgeries. Check it out.

Kim Kardashian – Allegedly her first plastic surgery was a nose job.

Angelina Jolie – Her first surgery was a nose job early in her career

Kelly Rowland – She got boobs done early in the game.

Lil Kim – Depending on who you ask, she got either her nose or boobs done first.

Khloe Kardashian – She got a nose job first.

Michael Jackson – His first surgery was to fix his nose and work on his eyebrows.

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The Rock – He had a procedure that sucked the fat from his chest to give it a more muscular look.

Tara Reid – She had a famously botched boob job that everyone remembers. It was her first surgery.

Iggy Azalea – She says her magical boob job was the first surgery she’s had…lulz.



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