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Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Is Kendall Jenner Hottest Of Them All?

There’s no argument that the Kardashian- Jenner clan is one of the most talked about celeb sibling crews of our generation. It’s easy to think curvy Kim is the hottest of the crew but today we’re going to reveal the 8 overlooked reasons 19 year old Kendall is really the one to watch out for. Flip the script to see our reasoning.

 Her Bangin’… Natural Body

So what she’s got a little butt, at least it’s hers. Kendall might not have all the cake in the bakery, but she definitely she has a nice physique for her fit, modelesque frame.

She’s Got A Sense Of Humor 

There’s nothing more attractive than a sense of humor.  The Kardashian Clan is best known for their beautifully dressed buns, beat faces and bland attitudes. However, we got a deeper look into Kendall’s fun sense of humor after Tyler, The Creator called her out for being “too cool” to party at Coachella. Kendall handled the shot well by jokingly flipping off the rapper, chuckling and cheering him on.


She Keeps It Simple

In a family full of knifed up women, wearing pounds of makeup and false lashes, we can appreciate that Kendall hasn’t succumbed to the pressure. We love to see Kendall’s fresh and simple approach to beauty. It’s just enough, yet not too much.

She Has a Legitimate, Respectable Career

Kendall made her first major modeling debut last year after walking the runway for Marc Jacobs Fall Collection at NYFW and she hasn’t slowed since.  She’s landed gigs for Calvin Klein, Balmain, GQ, Vogue, Harper’s Bazzar, Chanel and more.  Despite her early success, she’s still remained super humble.

She’s Family Oriented

If you keep up with the Kardashians (and Jenners) you’ll notice that their relationships with one another seem to be more centered around business than anything else.  That isn’t the case with Kendall though, she’s proven to be more private with her personal life, but when she does open op she appears more genuine and affectionate than the rest of the bunch.



She Knows How To Party
As if hanging out with the likes of Chris Brown, Trey Songz, French Montana and Rick Ross isn’t evidence enough. When she partied with a male stripper for her 19th birthday last year, we definitely realized Kendall knows how to loosen up and have a good time.

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She Keeps It Classy

Kendall has a naturally demure nature that doesn’t feel forced or trained like Kim or Kylie. She gravitates toward more timeless looks but still keeps it young and sexy.

She Supports Women’s Rights

How can’t you love a woman that’s down for the cause?




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