Video Messages From Chris Brown: “I Am Not a Monster…Oh, Cop My New Album”

- By Bossip Staff
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Looks like Breezy decided to get some things off his bird chest. In the video above he says he is not a monster, but the little woman beater sounds a bit cocky doesn’t he?

Are y’all checking for his new album???

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It’s not over, Breezy went at Bossip and all blogs for talking about his black eye.

Pop the hood and watch what he says about that…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Just in case you got it twisted, Chris, we are a gossip site. We are not lying when we say you whooped Rihanna’s tail, are we? The picture looks like you had a black eye. Way to clear that up…lil buster.

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  • Ocean


  • Ocean

    isnt this over by now???

  • kahmmillion

    Go BreeZy!!

  • The Sniper


  • elaine

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  • blackpride09

    douchebag breezy

  • Ocean

    and he wasnt lying when he called blogs liars!

  • Aunt Jemimia

    He is obviously very young minded…

  • tamaraluvgoddess

    Well I feel if a woman got balls to hit a man, he got balls to hit her azz back! She should’nt have thrown a cellphone at his head!

  • Nique

    Is that Bow Wow with him??

  • sweetbaby

    ha ha

  • Dior


  • blackpride09

    lil bow wow, can’t sell a record to save his life. his career is officially over. i hope they both realize they are not relevant.

  • * TeXaS sIsTa *

    I guess!!!

  • eve21

    Chris Brown and Bow-Wow= Chauvinist Piglets to Riri and Cici.
    I’m glad Bow-wow retired..he can’t rap about anything at all, hes no different from any pop stars out there.
    Chris brown IS A MONSTER

  • bored

    @tamaraluvgoddess, so true. People keep saying what he should’ve not done, you be in that situation and see what happens. You talk a lot until it actually happens.

    I truly believe he is not a monster, someone touched on him being young minded; Riri loves that young mind.

    Chris keep your head up!!!

  • Lady Star

    He still my favoritist R&B artist and if no of you ladies want him I pray my baby Lady A can at least get knocked up by him!

  • Lady Star

    He is such a hunk of a young man! If mama was thirty years younger he would be all mines.

  • Team Brezzy

    LOL if u check the blogs posted about this dude on this and many other website the comments are 85% pro brezzy so i dnt think he has anythin to worry about

  • jazi

    The longer he stays arrogant & unapologetic the less chance he’ll ever get his career back.

  • goons

    for those who keep saying he keeps making public plunders one after the other, who cares.. we are over the incident so should you..he aint worried about you czo you were never going to buy his album anyway.. him and bow wow are friends by the way..

  • highasaneagleyadig

    Now.. ur all kno BOW WOW is SUPADUPA.. *Drum roll please*.. Soulja Boy..Chris Brown tryin to rap…50 Cent new album featuring Tony Yayo… Mike Epps doin standup… Chris Brown tryin to rap…LAME *Accepting the applauding/standing ovation*… yeah, that’s right!..smgh

  • Souljagir

    I say go Chris! You’re a youngin but you can get it real talk (D.C.) I can’t understand why he lunched out that night but I am not passing judement because my fiance and I have gotten it in a few times. As for Bow Wow he did his thing


    rhi rhi dont run from me

  • BlackBritishChick

    I Hope I’m Not The Only Chris Brown Supporter

    Melanie is right!

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