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Say No To Thots: 9 Signs That “Good Women” Are Coming Back In Style

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s safe to say that the traditionally “good woman” trend is slowly but surely coming back into style.  Hopefully soon, regular women everywhere can say goodbye to competing with the rump shaking, knifed up babes that seem to be winning.  We’ve observed some small yet vital shifts in our community of women recently.  From ditching cheating mates all the way down to dressing more modestly.  Flip on over to see the signs that thottie girls are slowly going out of style.

Dropping The Drama and Demanding Respect

When Crunchy Karrueche ditched Chris Breezy, we knew the season for women to demand the respect they deserve was in full effect. Future’s baby mama Brittni Mealy recently left the rapper after a slew of women called him out for cheating.  The heartbreak is disheartening but it’s great to see ladies dropping the drama.


Natural Bodies Are Making A ComeBack

Kim Kardashian is proof that what goes up, must come down.  Every trend has its season and it seems like slowly the time for unrealistic waist -to- booty ratio is slowly come to a halt.  Big ole knifed up body parts will always have their place in the world of entertainment but recently there has been a shift of praise on overall health and fitness instead.  It seems like the days of appreciating a woman’s real curves are coming back around. 

Settling Down The Old Fashioned Way

With growing popularity of gay marriage, blended families and children out of wedlock — relationships are all but traditional these days.. However, we are seeing a beautiful trend of women demanding to be taken seriously and men are really starting to step up to the plate.  It’s nice to see the jump-off trend finally being replaced with serious relationships.

Less Is More

While beat faces, contouring and mile long eye lashes are still a thing of the present, there has been a #FreshFaced trend on Instagram where celebs put their natural beauty on the forefront.  Wearing less makeup doesn’t make you a good woman, but a healthy woman should be comfortable in her own skin and a good man will still love his lady even when her brows aren’t on fleek.

Twerk Be Gone

From Miley Cyrus right on down to major talk shows, 2014 was one year long twerk competition.  Guys must’ve loved this trend but there’s no arguing that twerking is really a skill made for two things: strip clubs and bedrooms. We’re glad to see women are slowly easing up on the thirst traps and leaving a little more mystery.

They’re Putting Family First
It hasn’t always been popular to show off your family in the media.  There was a time where being a huge male figure, putting your family on the forefront was seen as more of a weakness than a strength.  However, with time we see that proudly showing off your family really says a lot about the direction our generation is headed.  Even huge celeb figures like Stephen Curry, Dwayne Wade, and Kevin Hart are putting emphasis on building a solid family life.  It’s such a positive trend to see men dropping some of the groupies and making space for family life.

Draya’s getting wifed up by her baller boo Orlando Scandrick.  This is a photo posted to her Instagram page, showing off her blended family.

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Women Are Getting Their #GirlBoss On

A good woman knows her priorities.  Instead of relying on a man to fund her lifestyle, she takes care of her business and makes a way on her own.  Tyga’s baby mama, Blac Chyna came on the scene as a stripper but since then she’s settled down and started over as a business owner. Pictured below is a her lash bar and salon, Lashed.  We’re seeing more and more women focusing on their financial independence.

Leaving More Mystery

In a generation full of skin tight Instagram dresses and crop tops, there is nothing more refreshing than a woman who can feel equally confident with all of her lady lumps covered.  While some women are still looking up to the Kardashians for fashion inspiration, we’ve seen an increase of more modestly sexy looks.


Women Striving Toward Excellence

Realistically, not everyone is cut out to be an Instagram model nor should every woman want to.  It can be difficult not to be influenced by the caked up, Benz driving babes we see on social media.  There’s no doubt men might enjoy the eye candy, when it comes to settling down they prefer beauty and brains.  Rapper and actor Ludacris is proof of the shift in trends.  He recently wed his long time girlfriend Eudoxie who he met while she was pursuing a degree in medicine.



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