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Lisa Nicole Cloud Speaks On Her Fight With Quad Webb-Lunceford

On Sunday’s episode of “Married To Medicine” viewers watched as things reached a boiling point between doctor’s wives Lisa Nicole Cloud and Quad Webb Lunceford. Water and an (apparently edited out) punch were thrown, before Lisa’s husband and a Bravo producer stepped in.

Below Lisa details the fight, explains why she pressed charges on Quad and confirms whether or not allegations that her husband has an illegitimate child are true.

Why did you do a background check on Quad? Was it with malicious intent?

It was a business decision, it was not malicious intent. At the time there were a number of reasons I needed to know not just Quad but other cast members, she wasn’t the only one. The other cast members just didn’t care. I liked Quad, Quad and I’s friendship was growing, she was still looking for an investor and I just wanted to know more about who Quad was. And I also had to know who all my cast members were in preparation for the reunion because the producers advised me to know my cast members. Coming into this series the only person I knew a little about was Quad. Whereas other ladies had the advantage of knowing each other and having a longer friendship, I didn’t have that. If I had wanted to do something malicious to her I would have released what’s in her background. Even to this day, even with everything’s that’s happened, all the horrible things she’s been saying about me, I still have not released what’s in her background. And still don’t plan to.

You also mentioned that Quad and Mariah [Huq] were in a lesbian relationship. Is that something you uncovered doing the background check?

That was just something that people were saying. I said, ‘well the streets are saying that there was a lesbian relationship between Quad and Mariah.’ I don’t know nor do I really care to be 100% honest but at the time she was attacking me saying ‘you’re not the person who you say you are, you’re not living your truth’ which is not true. I am everything I say I am. At that point I was like, ‘what about you? you aren’t really living your truth.’ It was not one of those things where I was putting it out there; that has already been out there. I will say that I have spoken to Mariah and she says it’s not true, Quad says it’s not true. So that’s their truth, moving on.

What was your mindset going into the meeting with Quad? What were your expectations?

I really wanted to squash this disagreement. I never thought a background [check] would spiral out of control like this. Quad and I had had meetings prior to this meeting on at least two other occasions before the season even started to really try to resolve this. Once I found out Quad was upset, I was like ‘Quad, I didn’t do this to hurt you, there’s no malice intended. If running a background check offended you, I’m sorry. It was strictly business decision, it was not personal.’ I offered her so many apologies but Quad did not want the apology because she wanted it to be a story line this season.

She builds her story line on drama. Every season she usually has conflict with the person you’d least expect her to have conflict with. Last season it was Mariah, this season it was me. I think Quad thought she was gonna be able to bully me and push me around but I’m not a pushover. Do not mistake my kindness and gentle spirit for weakness.

Some viewers are saying that at one point in the scene it looks like Quad hits you…

Thank you! There were definitely some edits in that scene. I did throw the water, that was definitely an offense.  I was wrong for throwing the water, I owe an apology to Quad for that behavior. She happened to hit a very raw emotion when she started attacking my family with lies.

After that if you notice in the scene I push Quad away and say, ‘Quad don’t walk up on me, we’re not gonna do this.’ And she then continued to pursue me, that’s when she mushed me in the head and what don’t see is that she threw a punch. They edited that out. If you watch closely, when I fall it’s a sharp cut. She threw a punch and I ducked and that’s how I lost my balance because my heel got caught. At that point I blacked out and I really came up in self defense at that point. But you don’t see all of that.

I heard that you believe Quad faked her injuries…

Let me tell you something, when the incident actually happened Quad was so angry with the producers that she didn’t film for four weeks. When she finally did film, she put a big ole brown maxi pad on her face to just be drama and be extra because that’s just who she is. She’s over the top. And if you don’t believe me, I can send you a picture that [shows] that she was absolutely not hurt at all. The next day [after the fight] , one of her makeup artists posted on his Instagram page, ‘they tried to get Miss Quad but as you can see she is perfectly fine.’ No bandages on her face.

If you go to you’ll see her husband say, ‘she had a little scratch on her face.’ I’m not sure how she got the scratch. I did not break glass and cut the girl like she’s trying to make it [seem], like I sliced her face. That did not happen but that’s just Quad being extra, wanting this story line. She probably wanted it to be a story line like Porsha and Kenya. She definitely pressed charges, she was trying to pursue the police department to really bring up charges. She really wanted that kind of drama but both of us were in the wrong. I did not put my hands on Quad, I was trying to avoid having any altercation. I tried to put my hands out to say, ‘no Quad we’re not going to do this’ and you saw where it was going and thank God my husband was there to break it up.


So she did press charges against you…

She did press charges and I also pressed charges. Right now it’s kind of just there, I think police know how reality TV goes, they know that things are instigated, things are manipulated for the sake of entertainment. They have to really take that kind of stuff into factor.

Hit the flip for Lisa’s response to what Quad discovered in her background check and  her response to rumors that her husband has an illegitimate child.

Do you want to clear the air about what Quad said about you and her allegations that your husband has an illegitimate child?

Yes. Initially this was supposed to be a situation where Quad and I sit down and she dishes on what she found in my background and I was supposed to confront her about her background, that’s how they wanted the scene to go. I had hoped that since I didn’t really put her business out there that she wouldn’t really put out mine.

The only thing that was in there was when my husband and I got into an argument, it escalated, the police were called and then it got dismissed. That was the only thing that was there, when she did not have a lot on me she then started going for my family and my husband.


She made the statement that my husband had illegitimate kids out there and a child out of our marriage and that’s absolutely NOT the case. And you heard me say, ‘a one night stand’ but what they cut was that it was a one-night stand in college, 20 years ago before he even met me. When he and I started dating this woman was saying that he was the father of her son, I said ‘you need to take a paternity test’ because any man that’s gonna be with me is gonna be a man that handles his responsibilities.

He went and took a a paternity test and it came back negative. They edited to make it seem like it was happening while we were dating and it didn’t. That happened while he was in college 20 years ago. The infidelity we’ve experienced happened while we were dating, we have not had infidelity in our marriage. You would swear based on how the show is going that there was [infidelity] but there’s not, my husband is a good man, he is an incredible father. I hate that he’s getting that rap because he’s changed.

Are you and Quad working on resolving your issues?

We’re trying to resolve them. I don’t want there to be any charges, who does reality TV for entertainment purposes and wants to come out with legal matters?! That’s not what this is all about. We are supposed to be entertaining, we are supposed to be giving people a glimpse at real situations that occur but that also get resolved. My husband, her husband, and I we’re willing to resolve this but Quad is very vindictive.

As you recall last season, Mariah made a statement that she made Quad relevant and Quad wanted to like put her in her grave for that statement, she does not forgive and let go at all! Same thing here, I ran a background check—I didn’t put your business out there but yet you wanna make up all these vicious lies. The lie about the child out of wedlock is not the only lie, she put out there that my husband was having an affair with a gay man. She had this guy show up to her puppy event. She just is really low down, hits below the belt and will do anything for a story line.


Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

There’s two things I wanna say. When the instance happened I was definitely taken out of my character, I let someone unfortunately push my buttons because I did not realize that people would just come out with lies for the sake of a story line. The one thing I’m extremely protective of is my family and my marriage because I’ve worked very hard to have the marriage that we have today. Has it been easy? Absolutely not, everyday is an exercise of trusting your partner when you’ve experienced infidelity. She hit a very raw spot when she was saying that stuff and unfortunately I just lost my cool. It doesn’t change who I am. I’m still that woman who wants to create sisterhood, who wants to collaborate with my cast mates on different things.

I’m very much the founder of the Women’s Empowerment Network which is a foundation that helps women who want to grow personally and professionally, financially and spiritually. It’s become a conference where people really release because I’m a firm believer that you can not get to the blessings of the future until you release the pains of the past. A lot of times of women we carry so much baggage, WEN is a space where we just release. We’ve been doing a lot with the Lisa Nicole collection, w’ere continuing to grow. We’re doing Fashion Week this year and we’re doing Fashion For A Cause. A lot of times when i travel to do WEN we do Fashion For A Cause because my husband and I are raising money to send about 15 doctors to Haiti in November and we’re sending over around $200,000 in medical supplies. It’s our way of bringing our worlds together. Our plates are very, very full and despite the negativity of last week’s episode, I’m still very focused on positive things to make a difference in this world and stay on purpose.

What happens on next week’s episode?

We go to a strip club and I don’t like to see women in that way so I had some very strong opinions about strip clubs. I was not trying to be judgmental at all, I was just trying to have an opinion about morality. I have a feeling that with us being in Atlanta where it’s strip club capitol of the U.S. I have a feeling that it could potentially offend [people]. I don’t want to offend anyone, that was never my intent. I feel like if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. It’s going to create a lot of dialogue between couples because the dialogue came up between cast members.

I really had no idea that my husband had gone[to a strip club] with his brothers. So when the woman comes up to me and says, ‘how’s Darren?’ I totally think it’s a set up. There’s no way my husband could’ve been in a strip club, we don’t do those kinds of things and if he was gonna go, I would certainly know he was gonna go. It wasn’t the case, he went with his brothers, he did not tell me. Heavenly [Kimes] ended up asking her husband Damon if he’d been to a strip club, she did not know he’d been in a strip club before. Jackie asked her husband, it’s an interesting dialogue between couples; do men always tell their wives about going to strip clubs? I was not trying to be offensive or judgmental. One thing we as women do is what we have to do to take care of our families and for that, much respect.



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