Some Morning Swirl: Evan Ross Hits the Streets of Hollyweird with Side Piece

- By Bossip Staff

Evan Ross was out in Hollyweird last night with his much older swirly side piece. The two don’t look too thrilled to be caught by the paps. Evan must be bringin’ it for someone so young. Like mother like son, the swirl runs in the family. Pop the lid for more pics of Evan and a casual Meagan Good at Guys and Dolls

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  • missunderstood

    He’s a good lookin’ young man, and his swirl is actually pretty too. Cute couple….

  • kahmmillion

    Who’s this guy? He can barely pass as black……….so!

  • JB Cougarlicious - In Luv wit a Male Stripper named....

    How can you swirl when you are mixed?

  • What..When...Where...Why...How???

    The side piece looks like Emily Rossum. Oh well white black who cares.

  • Baller

    He can’t find a pretty woman that looks like his Mom

  • Trisha

    That’s NOT swirl he’s half white duh!


    Ol’ girls legs are bigger than his. He must look like a greyhound when he’s trying to smash her.

  • Young Obama

    His side piece looks good.

  • Nigga Said

    I thought he was “how you doin?”.

  • They Complete us

    Evan is stepping up to the plate, I hope he homers.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    At least she’s attractive…

    A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman…

    And plus he’s biracial anyways…

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    Meagan Good… Love at first sight… SMH

  • Nique


    LMAO!!!! A greyhound though??lol


    She kinda reminds me of Anne Hathaway…she looks great tho.

  • Jade Silver

    She doesn’t look much older than him. Just taller coz of the skripper shoes.

  • Dom

    Am I the only one that thinks Meagan doesn’t look that good? Don’t get me wrong she’s pretty to me, but I don’t know about spectacular. I want to see her without makeup before I make my final decision.

  • lean

    I LOVE meagan!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!…and I like her style..never looks like she’s trying too hard!

  • lean

    @ Dom

    what does it matter?? make-up or no make-up…there are people who look HIDEOUS even w/ make-up! So if you CAN actually look beautiful…does it really matter how??? Ex: Fantasia…no matter how much make-up she wears she still isn’t going to be gorgoues….lets also say Ciara..not a cutie!

  • lean

    *gorgeous* I meant

  • ysr

    she looks built right

  • Philly

    meagan goode is my gurl…period!! she’s like the most down-to-earth chick in hollyweird. she discovered keyshia cole so she hears people out when they approach her.

  • Trini Bwoy

    The White girl looks good/ average.
    Megan look good to but she smokes, I guess I would Die Hard

  • Diana Ross

    Evan is gay and biracial.

  • elle

    she is very pretty

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