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Sisters Expose Cheating Wife Caught Texting Another Man During Braves Game

Snitches or saviors? These sisters exposed a woman they caught texting another man while sitting in front of them next to her HUSBAND!

Via Daily Mail reports:

Two sisters attending an Atlanta Braves game claim they helped expose that a man’s wife, who was seated in front of them, was cheating on him.
Delana and Brynn Hinson said they were at the Braves game on Wednesday against the Los Angeles Dodgers when they caught the man’s spouse allegedly sexting a man saved as ‘Nancy’ in her phone.
They took pictures and posted photos to Twitter of the seemingly adulterous text messages they claim she sent to ‘Mark Allen’, as well as the note, which have since gone viral, Uproxx reported.

Delana wrote the note to the man during the game at Turner Field that read: ‘Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy! Its really a man named Mark Allen. There is pictures on my phone.’

She then continued saying if his wife deleted the messages he could contact her and she left her phone number. She ended the message saying: ‘Sorry, just thought you should know!’
Brynn then posted the pictures on Twitter with a message that read: ‘When there’s a married couple in front of you but….hoes ain’t loyal so me & @lanabaybee8 expose em! #Nancy #ormark.’

Crazy right? Hit the flip for photos of the cheater in action and the social media posts used to expose her.


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lanawhit_Getting some worldwide love as you can see.. But you know how that goes, with love comes hate. And a lot of Hate is coming our way too. And that’s fine.. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Everybody also don’t know the whole story and never will. But When there is a woman is directly in front of you, tilted away from her husband (in my direction) typing a nasty messed on her big iPhone, I don’t care who you are it will catch your attention. People also say the man could be abusive.. And that is very well possible. But from what I observed that is not the case. Also would a women being beaten on be brave enough to text another man RIGHT beside her abusive husband? I highly doubt it. I could go on and on with my reasonings to everyone’s what ifs.. But at this time I was faced with a decision to go on about my business or tell the man. Personally if it was me, stranger or not, I would definitely want to be told. And that’s why I did what I did. Some of yall may have made a different decision and that’s cool too. As far as why would I want to humiliate this man.. I know this is social media and all. And everything we post has the potential to go viral. But I never thought something of mine or my sisters would.. I’m explaining myself why? I don’t know.. My family supported my decision and that’s all that matters to me. #GoodDay #GodBless 😘✌️



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