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The Truth About Who Peed On Drake

Now that Meek’s long-awaited response diss to Drake’s back-to-back shots has finally hit the internet, there’s just one question left burning in fans’ brains.

Just who the hell peed on Drake?!

If you’ll recall there’s a line in the second half of Meek’s “Wanna Know” diss where he brings up an incident previously not heard about by the public, stating “You let TIP homie piss on you in a movie theater, we ain’t forget.” This probably would have just been a confusing offhand line..if Grand Hustle affiliate Lil Duval hadn’t gone on to corroborate the story via Twitter:

Before quickly deleted the tweets in question:

But, of course the damage had already been done:

So we’re still wondering…just which one of T.I.’s compadres couldn’t hold his water at the cinema???

Hit the flip to find out the truth behind Meek’s pissy punchline…

So who exactly drizzled on Drizzy? We’ve actually heard two versions of this sordid tale from several sources close to the action.

As story #1 goes, Drake was enjoying a lovely evening at one of Atlanta’s most popular stripping establishments with TI and his crew a few years back. As the evening progressed and alcohol continued to flow, Drake got very comfortable with one of TI’s good female friends — i.e. “Tip’s homie.”

With time, apparently the turn-up got a little TOO real for the young lady and she got pissy drunk — literally. While seated on Drake’s lap, she lost control of her bladder and ended up moistening Papi’s pants. Everyone had quite the laugh at Drake’s expense, but the story was never repeated publicly…until now.

Oh, and as for why the incident was referenced as “the movies” …haven’t you ever heard a rapper refer to a club night as A MOVIE?

Don’t buy that version of events? Hit the flip for version number two…

As another reliable source shared with BOSSIP…there’s a different version of events where Drake really was pissed on by a man at a movie theater.

Back in 2010, Drake attended the Hollywood premiere of Takers, and ended up seated with TI and his crew. At the time, one of TI’s best friends Cap was out on parole from a life sentence in prison, and attended the premiere to support his boy. Cap was apparently having the time of his life at the premiere…and got very drunk in the process. Once the movie started, he sat next to Drake.

At some point during the evening, Cap’s liquor ran through him and it was time for a bathroom break. We’re assuming they must have been seated toward the middle of the aisle or somewhere difficult to manuever through…but either way it goes Cap must have decided that it wasn’t worth making the full trip to the restroom. Instead being the “savage” that our source referenced, he simply whipped out his peen and peed on the surface closest to him — Drake.

Drake didn’t make a scene at the time, but instead quietly confronted Tip later asking, “What’s up with your man using me as a toilet? F**k is that s**t about?”

We’re not clear on what the resolution to the matter was…but here we are five years later and the incident made it to Meek’s diss track.

Seems like Julia Beverly heard the same version of events::

This one sounds pretty believable. Poor Drake!

So what do you think? Did Meek actually light Drake up with that obscure reference?

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