10 Reasons Meek Mill Can't Compete With Drake

Career Suicide: 10 Reasons Weak Mill Can’t Compete With Drizzy Drake

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#PoorMeek: 10 Reasons Weak Mill Can’t Compete With Drake

Following hip hop’s latest beef between rappers Meek Mill and Drake, the internet lit Meek on fire.  As the hype for Drizzy calmed down, some fans debated which rapper really came out on top.  Here we’ve compiled a list of reasons why Meek Mill isn’t even in the running.

1.  Drake Flows Like Water

They say there’s a time and place for everything.  Meek Mill’s hot head attitude might intimidate some, but for a rapper of Drake’s caliber – he didn’t stand a chance. He would’ve been better off with a more strategic beat and lyrics. You can’t show up with  a knife to a gun fight, Meek.


2.  Get Ya Followers Up!

Meek Mill started a social media war but it doesn’t seem like he has the army to back him up. When trying to be a #OneManArmy goes wrong…

3.  World Tour Or Your Girls Tour?

We were all thinking it anyway righhht?   Drake could sell out a stadium in his sleep. Would you pay for a Meek Mill concert?

4.  Let Me Upgrade Ya

Meek can’t believe he got her number and neither can we. Drake might have had some star struck moments with athletes but that doesn’t change the fact that no woman, let alone rapper, has single-handedly upgraded his career or bank account.

5.  Stan Battle: Drake Wins Again

Where are the Meek Mill loyal fans when he needs them? Definitely not defending his rap career, that’s for sure. Drake may use a ghost writer but at least his fans ride for him regardless.

6.  Drake Is A Petty Patty

If this hip hop beef didn’t prove that Drake is the pettiest rapper alive, we don’t know what could.  As if obliterating Weak Mill in 2 diss tracks wasn’t enough.  He added insult to injury with his song cover art, gift to Charlemagne and hilarious Meek diss during his OVO fest performance.

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    7.  Same Profession, Different Tax Bracket

    Reports show that Meek Mill’s net worth is approximately $5 million, while Drake’s worth stands around $75 million.  Yikes, Meek should really pick on someone his own size.

    8.  Drizzy Is Unbothered

    This beef is a perfect example of when showing off goes wrong.  A real lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of sheep.  While Meek Mill is all charged up over how Drake makes his music, Drake is laughing allll the way to the bank. You can’t compete if you have no opponent.

    9.  Drake Has Bars For Days

    Like most creative things, music is a collaborative effort.  Meek Mill should probably have hired his own ghost writer before calling out a calculated rapper like Drizzy who intentionally went the extra mile to prove he reigns supreme. Drake basically hit on every-single-solitary diss he could conjure. The City Counselor of Toronto would have to agree.


    10.  Shots (Back) Fired

    Social media officially decided to call the time of death on Meek Mill’s rap career after yet another round of shots fired during his concert this week.  Meek even brought MommaDrake into his freestyle diss in a pathetic attempt to win back his respect.  Unfortunately for him the internet was under-whelmed and Drizzy fans swooned in for another Weak Mill drag session.

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