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Young Buck Headed To Rehab Over Falsifying Drug Test

Young Buck has reached a plea deal in the criminal case accusing him of attempting to fake a drug test …. and the rapper has avoided prison time once again … but he will have to complete 30 days in rehab for the probation violation along with 100 hours of community service.

Back in 2012 … Young Buck checked in to prison to begin his 18 months sentence for gun possession. He was sentenced to the time following a federal agent raid on his home in 2010 … which uncovered multiple guns inside … which was illegal due to him being a felon

The rapper was released from Mississippi prison in October 2013 and has been on probation ever since.

Young Buck hasn’t had a smooth ride while on probation … and back in 2014 he missed 2 drug tests and admitted to screwing up to his P.O. … he narrowly escaped being thrown back in prison for his failure to follow his probation terms

Then on August 17th … Buck was hit with new federal criminal charge by the prosecution for attempting to scheme and fake a urine drug test

They explained that Buck lied to his probation officer prior to giving a drug test by saying he had no smoked marijuana or taken any drugs. They said he knowingly and willfully falsified, concealed and covered up by trick, scheme and device, material facts regarding his marijuana use and possession.

The docs noted that Buck used the device consisting of a plastic bag secured under his clothes with a tube to deliver a stream of urine from within the bag into the urine collection cup, to provide a urine sample which was not his own … in an attempt to conceal his drug use

The new charge is for falsifying, concealing and covering up a material fact by trick, scheme or device and carries a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison along with a maximum fine of 250k.

Then on August 20th .. Buck was in court to inform the judge he reached a plea deal with the prosecution in which he avoided being thrown back into prison for faking his drug test. Per the agreement … Buck plead guilty to the charge of attempting to falsify his urine test. He admitted he lied to his probation officer about his drug use and that he did smoke marijuana with another rapper at an awards show … and he tried to hide this by bringing someone else’s urine to his drug test.

The plea deal states that the rapper will have to perform 100 hours of community service, pay a series of fines and costs and continue to be on probation for at least the next 18 months.

Further, he will have to provide DNA testing to his P.O. and not own or carry a firearm.

Buck will also have to complete 30 days at an in patient treatment center followed by 90 days at a community correction center.

Pure comedy. Homeboy tried sneaking in somebody else’s pee!


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