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Lisa Nicole Cloud Responds To Homosexuality Rumors About Her Husband

Lisa Nicole Cloud is clapping back at rumors that her doctor husband is not only cheating on her, but doing so with a homosexual man.

On a previous episode of “Married To Medicine” viewers watched as a man approached Quad Webb Lunceford, the woman Lisa Nicole got into an altercation with, and shared the news that he was secretly sleeping with Dr. Darren Naugles.

With that in mind, Lisa Nicole Cloud appeared on Kandi Buruss’ Kandi Koated Nights show to clear the air.

Kandi: Ok, I can’t not ask this question: the guy that brought up allegations against your husband… Your brother in-law has [written] two long letters taking up for his brother, obviously.

Lisa Nicole: Our family is thick as thieves. They’re pissed.

Kandi: When you put your relationship out there in front of the world, it doesn’t just affect you; it really affects the whole family. When you had this guy out there saying that he’s been with your husband, what did the whole family say? What did you say at first?

Lisa Nicole: When I first heard it, I laughed. Like, “Really? You’re gonna go there now? Are we stooping to those levels?” So, we were just ignoring it, like, “We’re not gonna give it any life or energy.” The guy is so thirsty with it, he’s just trying to get so much attention as he can. But he’s talking so much that his stories are clashing and he’s really setting himself up. We definitely are going to pursue legal action.

Kandi then asked if she believed Quad Webb Lunceford had orchestrated the whole thing.

Kandi: Ok, so with that being said, I have to play devil’s advocate. Do you think it’s necessarily that Quad put him up to it, or do you think it was just him wanting to be in the public eye?

Lisa Nicole: I think he just wanted his 30 seconds of fame. And I think she was all down for him to do it at her event. Because those are the only places that he ever really showed up: whenever she showed up, he showed up. He didn’t come to Heavenly’s event; he didn’t come to Toya’s event. But anywhere [Quad] was gonna be, it was like he was strategically maneuvering around the room to try to confront. And it’s ridiculous. I’m not gonna play games with kids, but I will handle it with legal action. Because what he really wants is an a** whoopin’.


That’s not all however, hit the flip to see what Lisa previously told BOSSIP about this shady gay lover “scandal”…

Are you and Quad working on resolving your issues?

[…] The lie about the child out of wedlock is not the only lie, she put out there that my husband was having an affair with a gay man. She had this guy show up to her puppy event. She just is really low down, hits below the belt and will do anything for a story line.

Hmmm….what do YOU think about Lisa’s response to the gay cheating rumors???

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