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Desmond Mapp Sued Kylie Jenner’s Boo For Not Paying Him For Song, “Molly”

A producer who created one of Tyga’s biggest hits has accused the rapper of stiffing him out of ten grand plus royalties, and he’s asked a court to stop the rapper and his label from continuing to sell it.

Music producer/songwriter named Desmond Mapp, aka Dez Dynamic, filed suit last week against Universal Music Group in U.S. District Court in Louisiana.

Mapp explained that in 2012, he entered into a producer agreement with Tyga and created the song “Molly,” which was on the rapper’s album “Hotel California.”

Per the deal, Tyga was to pay him an advance of $10,000 plus royalties based from the song’s sales. The deal stated that five grand would be paid right away and the remaining $5,000 when the song was turned in.

Mapp said despite delivering the song to Universal Music Group, and the label using it as the lead single, he was never paid a dime. Further, he never got his agreed to 3.5% of the album sales.

The producer said that he filed suit against Tyga in Louisiana and was awarded a judgment in the case, which ordered the contract the parties signed to be void, and stated Tyga was to cease distributing the record immediately.

However, the man said he contacted UMG and informed him they were no longer allowed to distribute the song. He said that despite telling them about the court order, they’ve continued to sell it online and in stores.

Mapp is suing for an injunction from UMG against the label and Tyga from continuing to sell the infringing song, along with all money made from the record that he is owed.



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