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Trump Model Says The Pope Is In The Illuminati

A model represented by Trump’s modeling agency recently said that because the pope doesn’t slam organizations like Planned Parenthood or open his speeches with prayer, he is clearly a false prophet — and she’s pretty sure she saw him toss up some of those tell-tale Illuminati gang signs that all the YouTube conspiracy theorists know about…

Via NewYorkPost:

Alexandra Tomlinson, one of Trump Model Management’s most successful catwalkers — she’s been the face of De Beers diamonds and posed for Chanel and V — posted a rant on Facebook over the weekend in which she called the pontiff a “False Prophet” and even linked him to the Illuminati.

Her modeling agency was founded and is still run by the billionaire presidential candidate.

On her Facebook page, the right-leaning Tomlinson decried the fact that Francis didn’t open his speech to Congress with a prayer or use the platform to condemn Planned Parenthood.

“Strange for a man of God,” she writes. “As I see the egregiously positive reaction to Pope Francis by the citizens of this country and this world, I’m left dumbfounded. He is completely transparent, how is he pulling the wool over so many soul’s eyes? And I use the word soul on purpose. For I believe more and more that this man is the False Prophet,” Tomlinson’s posting reads.

She goes on to say that “Pope Francis worships a different God, the antithesis of Christ” and that he flashed a hand gesture she claimed links him to the “sect of satanists called The Illuminati.”

Of course, as soon as her post caught attention her modeling agency came out and told everyone that those were not her views and her account had been hacked. However…the post is still active with no mention of a hacking.

Do these sound like the rants and raves of a slight religious fanatic with a lot of time in her hands to cruise the conspiracy corner of the internet…or might she be onto something??



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