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Jelaminah And The Clermont Twins Eliminated From BGC 14

Last night’s episode of “Bad Girls Club” caused a stir online from fans who were baffled by the outcome.

Remember when we told you about the Clermont Twins???

Well they were sent home alongside their bestie Jelaminah after their BGC 14 costars destroyed their personal property (that the one of the twins claimed was worth $200K) with urine…
and paint.


Jelaminah has since posted a Tumblr letter explaining what really happened behind the scenes and revealed that she was hospitalized and attacked by a security guard.
Via NormalCulture:

No one will ever understand or be able to wrap their heads around what happened to Shannon, Shannade & I. Yes, girls on previous seasons have had their things touched or thrown in the pool, but never permanently destroyed.

Tonight’s episode will be like pulling an old scab off of a wound.

This situation has affected our lives forever. It was funny and it may be entertaining to watch, but it’s really not.

Do you realize that the water Shannon pulled out shoes and purses out of was full of their bodily fluids.

No one tried to stop her from touching that contaminated water.

That was a health risk on its own. Did anyone acknowledge the fact that they let a security guard attack me?

Or how about them not answering the phones when we called production.

How about when we had to run into the street screaming for help because they kept cutting the phone lines and when 911 was called they told them never mind.

We all went to the hospital that night. I resprained my arm that still hasn’t healed properly.
They paint us out to be these superficial & stuck up bi**** when we really weren’t. The majority of the time we spent in the house we had to defend our character and our natural being against girls that were from a different side of the tracks.

Several fellow reality stars have reacted to the explosive episode including Tami Roman

and BGC alum turned “Basketball Wife” Mehgan James.


This is insane.

Was it fair or foul for Oxygen to let the girl’s stuff get destroyed???

Hit the flip for more of the drama.

In her Tumblr post Jela also spilled the real reason why the BGC girls didn’t get to take their annual trip this season; because of the damage to the mansion they lived in and because girls got sick from bodily fluids left on beds.


Via NormalCulture:

You know what you won’t see on the show: the REAL reason they didn’t get to take a trip (too much damage to the house and not enough money in the budget to even go outta the state) 🌚 or that the replacements had to go to the hospital because they broke out from sleeping in the beds the girls threw their pee on.

Y’all feel like we got what we deserved and we feel like y’all are still getting what y’all deserve. Y’all wanted to make us look bad, but only made yourselves look like insecure, jealous women. Oh and the scum of the earth.
We ARE the stars of BGC 14. We filmed for almost 4 weeks and made it to episode 7. Y’all filmed for another month WITH replacements and managed to only give them 3 more episodes. We all know that a traditional season has 13 episodes. Hmmm..
I bet Bunim Murray & Oxygen are kicking themselves. So much happened that y’all didn’t get to see. They could have easily stretched us out like 2-3 more episodes 😭😭😭 more than enough footage.
But hey.
The SEASON FINALE is tonight. Be sure to tune in.
Don’t worry this won’t be the last time you see me or Shannon & Shannade on TV 💞

In addition to Jela, the twins and one of the cast members who destroyed their property have spoken out.

Hit the flip to see what they said.

Shannon and Shannade both tweeted about the night’s events and are accusing their cast-mates of targeting their pets.

And Jasmine, one of the ringleaders behind the property showdown, has since written about karma.

This too much.

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