Victor Cruz Confirms Whether Or Not His Fiancée Sent A Group Text To His Sidechicks

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Woman Claims Victor Cruz Verified Reports Fiancée Texted Women He Cheated With

At least one media outlet is reporting that Victor Cruz has confirmed that his fiancee, Elaina Watley, sent a group text to some of the women he allegedly cheated with.

According to US Weekly reports:

One of the women he’s had contact with — who did not receive said group text — told Us how she confronted the Giants wide receiver after seeing the screenshots online.

“I sent it to him and asked him what it was about and he said, ‘Exactly what it reads,'” the woman, who lives in Texas, tells Us.

As previously reported, Watley – who shares a 3-year-old daughter with Cruz – called out several women via text for hooking up with Cruz. Watley said she wanted to introduce the ladies so they can “exchange notes” accordingly.

“He then said some of it was true and some was fake, and when I asked what was fake he said, ‘Does it matter?’” the woman adds to Us. “He’d tell me him and his fiancee were broken up and just keeping up appearances. I never believed him.”

Cruz, 28, has yet to publicly come forward about the situation, but the woman detailed to Us just how the two began to communicate.

“We started texting and Snapchatting after he direct-messaged me on Instagram about four months ago. He’d always ask me to send him ‘something sexy,'” she says.

“We never met…we were supposed to meet when he came to play here but because of his injury he didn’t travel with the Giants,” she adds. “I’m glad we never did.”

Cruz’s reps did not respond to requests for comment.

SMH. Where did they dig up this lady from? And does she really count as a side chick if she never came close to Vic’s man meat? Why is he answering texts about this from outside chicks? Dude needs to change his number ASAP. And put a good passcode on it this time.

We love us some Elaina though. Shoutout to Elaina. Hey girl Hey!

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