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People Confusing Kendrick Lamar And Lamar Odom

As the world continues to pray for Lamar Odom’s recovery, a gaggle of people are either trolling the internet or just extremely confused.

In between the “pray for Lamar Odom tweets”, several people are confusing the basketball champ with Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar, just like CNN recently did with Lamar and Marcus Aldridge.

A Facebook post allegedly from Marie Claire even surfaced.

For the record, this is Kendrick Lamar…

and this is Lamar Odom.

No kids, they are NOT related. (That wouldn’t even make any sense)

Hit the flip for more people absolutely perplexed about the difference between Kendrick Lamar and Lamar Odom.

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That girl in your class is an idiot.

Liz isn’t too bright.

Jerri, seriously…

Oh mom is right…



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