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Real Housewives Star Gets Nothing From Alimony & Child Support He Owed Her

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield’s legal battle over $136,000 she claimed her ex-husband owed her in back support was shot down – and his bankruptcy trustee said she won’t see a DIME!

Bob Whitfield filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy back in 2011, claiming he had assets totaling $1.07 million but had $600,000 in liabilities. The former NFL player filed the bankruptcy in an attempt to work out a payment plan for the debt without having his assets sold off. However, months later the case was converted to Chapter 7, meaning his debt was too big to fix without selling off the things he owned. He claimed in his petition that his only income was $3,455 a month in disability checks.

Sheree has publicly trashed Bob for years, claiming he never paid his child support nor helped her financially.

Bob’s bankruptcy deal allowed him to keep his Georgia home, guns, hobby equipment, automobiles and other vehicles but had to sell two of his homes in order to pay off his $600,000 debt.

Then on November 5th, the trustee filed docs explaining the case is finished and he is done with all the issues. The amount brought in from the sale of Bob’s assets and property totaled $171,500.

Sheree – who filed docs saying Bob owed her a total of $136,000 in domestic support obligations – will be paid nothing from the $171,000 the estate generated from the sales of her ex’s assets.

Back in 2012 Bob and Sheree worked out a deal in family court where he had agreed to pay her $75k along with $1,000 a month in support for 12 months then back to the original monthly amount of $2,142 after the year.

The deal the ex couple worked out in Family Court is most likely the reason Sheree got screwed out of her $136,000 claim in the bankruptcy.

According to the docs, Wells Fargo will not be paid a dime of the more than $422,000 debt that Bob owed them. But the IRS and the Georgia Department of Revenue will be paid in full for the more than $38,000 debt he owed to them.

The trustee requested the judge close the bankruptcy and end it once and for all for the ex-NFL star.



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