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How To Keep Things Poppin’ In The Bedroom

Maybe you’ve been together a while and things have slowed down or you and your partner haven’t gotten started yet. Either way, here are some tips to spice things up.



Talk dirty. Don’t hold back from telling your partner exactly what you want. In dirty detail. 


Wear red. Studies show that wearing can send subconscious signals to your partner that you’re ready to have rich sex.

Eat sexy food.  From oysters to strawberries and whipped cream there are some foods that make you feel hot. Eat up. 



Go dancing. Get the blood pumping and get all over each other on the dance floor.


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Dedicate your bedroom to sex. No laptops or pictures of your mom.



Play sexy music. Whether it’s some some old soul and R&B or that new Jeezy, put on some music that makes you want to get it in.




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Watch adult films. Sometimes the visuals from x-rated flicks will do the trick.


Use mirrors. Being able to see exactly what you’re doing kicks things up a notch.



Play around in public.  Get frisky in front of folks then carry that energy home with you.






Share the maca root.  A littler herbal assistance never hurt anyone.




Schedule it.  Put that lovin’ on the calendar.



Don’t schedule it. Be as spontaneous as you can to keep it interesting.

Have sex in the morning. Straight roll-over.



Do it wherever. All over the house.


Don’t overthink it.  Do quickies


Give each other long, attentive massages.





Care for each other.  Bathe each other, brush each other’s hair.


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Change the scenery. Go on a “bae”cation. 


Leave notes or signals around the house or in their belongings for sex appointments.  Get a bowl of beads  or marbles and leave them in places for your partner to find as a sign that you want to have sex.







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