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Cop’s Wife Steals Kids’ Christmas Gifts From Neighbor’s Front Porch

This is the time of year when theft crime usually increases, but you would never expect the thieves to be your neighbors.

Via RawStory

In a move that is sure to bring shame on an officer’s police department, the wife of a Florida cop was caught stealing the Christmas presents of her neighbor’s children.

The alleged thief is 42-year-old Dana Hager, wife of a cop, who was already on probation after being found guilty of shoplifting at a Kohl’s department store in April, according to court records.

To make this incident that much more insane, the home targeted by Hager belonged to a cop and his wife as well. The presents were for the couple’s two-year-old daughter.

As soon as Hager realized that the child’s toys were of no use to her, Hager brought the already opened boxes back to the house at 4:30 the next morning.


The neighbors posted the security cam footage of Mrs. Hager stealing their gifts all over social media and she was arrested on Monday. She made a full confession to the crime.

Check out the unbelievable video below.

If you were this woman’s neighbor, how would you deal with her going forward?

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