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10 Signs Natural Beauty Standards Are Coming Back In 2016

Drop the contour stick and cancel your basement booty shot appointment. Unrealistic Instagram beauty is going out of style! We’ve compiled a list of 12 social cues that prove realistic beauty standards are making a comeback this year!


Kylie Is Kicking Her Lip Shots To The Curb

Even the plastic princess, Kylie Jenner admitted that she’s been going for a more natural look lately. She explained that she’s trying to drop the dramatic lip injections and heavy makeup in 2016. Considering a large part of her audience is young girls, this should be very helpful in bringing back realistic body standards for young women.

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Even Rappers Protest Against Big Ole’ Booties

You know the booty is bad when even rappers don’t want it.  A little while back Wale posted this message to Instagram apologizing to black women for making them feel their natural beauty wasn’t good enough.  Even men are with the natural beauty comeback movement! 

Lady Gaga

Even Lady Gaga Is Ditching Her Crazy Costumes

It’s pretty hard to forget what Lady Gaga looked like a couple of years ago. Lately, she’s turned her look down big time. She’s dropping the crazy wigs and picking up a more natural, timeless look. We love it!


K. Michelle Finally Gets Her Donk Decreased

Anyone who watched K. Michelle’s reality show on Vh1, saw her get her get stacked like a horse on national television. Yes, she got her booty done on TV. While the scene was pretty short and quite glamorized, the results weren’t.  It was entirely too much booty for her tiny frame. Nonetheless, just a couple of weeks ago, she posted this photo to Instagram letting her fans know she is in the process of getting back to her natural size.



Queen Bey Is Rocking A Fresh Face

Every once in a while, we see Queen Bey sporting a fresh face but recently she’s been rocking it more often. The last few flicks posted by her Miss Tina have been pretty minimal on the makeup front.  Even Bey has been into a more natural look!


Erica Mena Removes Her Knifed Up Tata’s
If you watch reality TV, you’ve seen Erica Mena transform her knifed up bawdy over the years. Recently though, she made an executive decision to go implant free. Yep, just a few days ago she announced on Instagram that she’d gone back to her natural breasts.

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Angela Simmons Shows Fit Women The Results Of Hard Work

The whole fit chick trend has been in for a few years now, but sadly we were seeing more trickery than tips. Despite the sorcery, bangers like Angela Simmons are rising to the hype. Not only is she using her name for business, she’s using it to show girls you can get fit the natural way. Instead of promoting diet- teas, shakes, waist trainers and pills, she promotes hard work! 


Instagram Model, Lira Galore Gets A Breast Reduction

Lira Galore, the Instagram model turned ex-fiancee to Rick Ross recently announced via Snapchat that she is getting her breast implants decreased this week. She’s been mentioning the procedure for a while now but hopefully this is one step towards creating a more positive self image for the many young girls who follow her.




The Natural Hair Moment Is Going Mainstream

There’s no arguing that weaves and wigs definitely have their place in the world, but the natural hair movement is no longer just for us regular folks. Once upon a time, locks, twists and braids didn’t have a place in Hollywood. Thankfully, we are at place where natural hair can be rocked on movie sets, magazine shoots and red carpets! 


The Queen Of Contouring Is Going For Natural Glow

There’s no doubt that Kim Kardashian has had a huge influence on beauty standards in recent years.  She was the primary influencer for the popular makeup trend, contouring. It’s nice to see that lately she’s easing up on the cake face and keeping things a lot more natural.



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