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Fair Or Foul??? Tara Wallace Flaunts Her Gut Full Of (Married) Peter Gunz In New Maternity Photos

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Is it fair or foul for Tara to be proud of her pregnancy???

Tara Wallace Poses For Maternity Shoots

Despite being blasted by fans for being pregnant with Peter Gunz’ 9th child, Tara Wallace is proudly flaunting her growing belly.

The mommy to be who’s expecting her third boy with her married baby’s father recently posed for a TheYBF shoot where she pushed a stroller…

and cradled her bump.

She also sent out a message to all the detractors who’ve blasted her over her pregnancy:

“Maya Angelou wrote ‘A woman always has the right to change her mind,’ and in that moment I changed mine!,” she tellsTheYBF.com. “I’m only obligated to be true to me and what I have created. I have always remained true to all that I have said and still don’t judge myself in my journey!”

A Maya Angelou quote? Really Tara???

She also recently dished on the moment she accepted her pregnancy to OK! Magazine. According to Tara after one of her two sons with Peter reacted excitedly to the news, it was a “turning point” for her.

“He was like, ‘Mom, we just thought you needed a waist trainer and it’s a baby,'” Wallace added jokingly. “Everyday I would be getting dressed to go to work and I’m like, ‘Where is my waist trainer?’ So it was like the problem is solved. You don’t need a waist trainer.”


“From that moment on, when I saw his response, for me, it just changed everything. Nothing else and no one else mattered,” Wallace said. “That was probably a turning point for me when I was like this is a great thing. I’m having another baby and that’s what it is.”

Okay, girl.

What do YOU think about Tara Wallace’s maternity photos??? Every baby is a blessing, riiiiight????”TW-Gold-5

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