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The Hollywood Reporter Is Sad For White People

The Hollywood Reporter stays with some f***ery. Today was no different. They just published an article with the title “Oscars: The Plight Of The White Nominee.” Apparently, they want us to feel bad for the White people who actually got nominated and might win awards. At first, the title looked like a joke, then there was this intro:

Pity the plight of Oscar’s all-white acting nominees. Instead of celebrating, they’re entering a minefield where any comment can explode in their faces. Potential winners planning your speeches, watch out: You face a yellow brick road littered with IEDs.

Are you serious? This is what White privilege looks like. It’s when you make the story about YOU instead of the actual people who are victims of racism and prejudice. Get the hell out of here. The article makes it seem like we’re supposed to feel bad for people who are benefitting from racism and prejudice. Um. Nope.

This is getting past the point of being annoying. SMH. Here are some other reactions from people who feel the same way.

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