Face The Truth: 10 Gifts Your Man Secretly Hates

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Got A Gift Receipt? The 10 Gifts Your Boyfriend Secretly Hates

Still scrambling to get your man a Valentines Day gift? We may not be able to tell you what to get him but we can definitely tell you what NOT to! Here we’ve compiled a list of gifts that might leave you lonely.


1. A Tie

Don’t ever just go buying your man ties all willy-nilly. Unless he has mentioned a specific style he wants to try, it’s the ultimate “I didn’t know what to get you” gift.



2. A Framed “Couples” Pic

In your eyes this might seem like the perfect sentiment. We’re sorry to break it to you but it’s not. Whether you want to accept that your man is “like that” or not, he secretly loathes this gift. He might put it on a shelf or desk to appease you, but on the low low he couldn’t care less.


3. Anything Bathing Related

This means anything that has to do with his hygiene, with the exception of cologne, is off limits. Think about it, would you want a basket of loofah, and an array of shower gels? Probably not.


4. Sex

Brace yourself for the harsh truth. No matter how hard you smack it, flip it or rub it down, sex cannot replace a real gift. If you’re in a healthy relationship and are having sex on a regular basis anyway, dressing it up and lighting some candles around the room doesn’t magically make it a gift. Would you prefer peen over a new pair of Jimmy Choo’s? Exactly.


5. Cooking A ‘Romantic’ Dinner

You might get an A for effort but if you’re going for a meaningful, memorable or remotely exciting gift you’re missing the mark with this one. A man has to eat regardless of how long you spent cooking it, or how pretty it is. Even if he appreciates the time you spent, he secretly hates that you consider making him a meal, a gift.


6. A Card

Unless you have tickets to a Lakers game inside, once your back is turned that deep heartfelt letter filled with inside jokes is headed one place… under his bed with cards from all the exes before you. Surprise!!

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    7. Couples Spa Time

    You know that sinking feeling when you think you’re unwrapping gifts and just as you think you finally got that bag you’ve been hinting about it turns out to be a new set of pans? Yeah, this is the male equivalent. Couples spa time isn’t really a gift for him.

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    8. A Random Gift Card

    Nothing says ‘I have a side dude and I’m tired of hiding it’ like buying your boo a gift card to somewhere he doesn’t even shop.

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    9. Kinky Coupons

    Even though it’s a cute idea, he secretly despises this. Just because it’s cute doesn’t make it a real gift. If you’re his lady he shouldn’t need a piece of paper to tell him when he can get freaky.


    10. Any Type Of Underwear, Especially Anything ‘Love’ Themed

    No better way to knock down a man’s dignity than buy making him seduce you in red briefs covered in heart eyes.

    Just – don’t – do it.

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