Question of the Day: Can Whitney Houston Make a Real Comeback?

- By Bossip Staff

Now that Whitney appears to be off the pipe and her ribs aren’t showing anymore, she’s set to drop her album on Sept 1st. Her downward spiral to hell and back (with Bobby) has the entire music industry is wondering if the legend is just a washed up has been or if she can re-capture that “I Will Always Love You,’ magic.

What say you, Bossip folk? Can Whitney Houston Make a Real Comeback?

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  • Erick B

    1st with GOD’s help ..Maybe

  • That_Chick


  • http://yahoo Jonathan

    Whitney Houston can do all things through Christ which streghtens her. Remember, she is rooted in the church. Saints fall down, but we get up!!!!!!

  • SheNeeds2Act

    NO! She needs to hang it up. And is it me or has she had surgery on her nouth or nose area? Or is she wearing dentures now???

    Anyway, I hate she messed with the drugs cause she was could still be showin these chicks how its done. O well.


  • Moses

    If there is any artist dat can come back and rock us with her voice, its Whitney Houston. All she needs to win her loyal fans is some good songs, good producer and business will be great for her again cause she still got it in her. Lets not forget dat Whitney falls in the category among the great female singers out there like Celine Dion, Mariah, Aretha Franklin. All she needs to do is redeem herself with a great comeback album and all will be back to normal for her despite her downfall with Bobby Brown and all she has been up to these past few years.

  • JimmyJ

    I heard “I didnt know my own strength”. Unfortunately she has most likely ruined her voice for good. I mean the track is OK but its not the whitney from the 80’s or 90’s People awant to hear whitney Houston sing 4 octaves not 1.5. I am afraid smoking (not drugs) has killed her voice.

  • Just me

    Absolutely! The type of gift that Whitney was bestowed with doesn’t go away. I still feel chills when I listen to her old music. That voice! Do you remember “Saving All My Love For You?” Now she has a testimony to share. I haven’t bought a CD since Usher’s “Confessions” in 2000–wow–but will buy hers.

  • Jane Doe

    Im gonna say yes because i’ve seen gods works so i know nothing is impossible. If there is anyone that can make a comeback its Whitney..

    If Mariah and Britney can do it theres no reason on this earth why Whitney can’t..

  • Tlov

    Not with songs like the one she just dropped.

  • irisha

    this is very good news! I am very happy to return GREAT singer!

  • Diane

    The 80s is thirty years ago and 1990s is twenty years ago. Hell yeah, she can make a comeback, but not if people are expecting her to be twenty years old. Don’t do to Whitney, what we did to Michael, and try to get him to achieve his Thriller status. Look at Bobby and then look at Whitney – hell yeah she has a chance.

  • Wan


  • remy

    she can if she belives in it.

  • Warren

    I am a big fan of Whitney’s and think her new song is beautiful and going to dominate the charts. She has proven once again how artists can do it. NIppy, you are the best and cannot wait to the new album drops.

  • Larosa

    It’s good to see that Ms. Houston has a renewed lease on life after years of addiction to non-prescription drugs. Hope she will use her time and talent more wisely this go round. Michael Jackson was not as fortunate to have his opportunity to make a comeback or to break free of the toxic people and leeches that surrounded him. One major difference between Whitney and Michael is that Whitney has people in her life who really care about her enough to hold her up in prayer. Both of their lives are a lesson to us all.

  • Shay

    I think she can and she’ll get more attention now with the passing of MJ. I think more people will be looking for artists of the 80s. She needs to jump on this and keep her nose clean.

  • Whatever

    “Question of the Day: Can Whitney Houston Make a Real Comeback?”

    My prediction: NO. Whitney was special to a different generation. She came into fame during the 80’s.

    Today’s record buying demographic however, were either babies or unborn back then. They came of age during Whitney’s train wreck years–that’s how they know her. As such, it’ll be impossible for her to shake that image.

  • Possibly.

    Her voice is no where near the same. Unless she can get the very people who put her up in the stars in the first place (White People) then No, he comeback won’t be anything like she was before.

  • TheMan

    why do people expect her to sound like she did 20 years ago? she is 46 and has been though alot, but she still can sing. this woman was the best singer on the planet during her prime. As long as she stays true to who she is and not try to compete with Beyonce and Rihanna she will always have a place in pop music

  • Toni


  • nature matters

    Screw tha HATERZ Whitney

    do ur thang
    ill buy it

  • shaunie

    I sure hope Whitney can make a comeback. She’s what the game has been missing; REAL SINGERS!

  • WordtotheWise

    I sure hope so. She was one of the last of the great singers of our generation. I’m wishing you the best, Whitney!

  • http://blackplanet browntown

    whitney is not counting on black america to back her up. black people have never really bought her music outside of the black gay community. she is trying to reintroduce herself to her real audience and that is mainstream america and europe. she doesn’t need her music bootlegged all over the place in the black neighborhoods. black music is not as popular like it use to be because black people don’t buy real music we buy crap like beyonce and rhianna. do you think mariah’s huge comeback success was due to black people? ha! get real.

  • Sexy&Smart

    YES,YES,and YES!!!

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