BOSSIP Exclusive: 80s Singer Vanity Leaves Most Of Her Estate To Church

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Church friend Christine Harris will get Matthew’s second car, 100 percent of the publishing rights to her “White Book Ministries,” 40 percent of her publishing and movie rights, her Mac computer, her bedroom set, 25 percent of whatever’s in Matthew’s checking and savings account and her grandmother’s $7,000 ring.

“The Last Dragon” star was less generous to her family, leaving one sister, Patricia, with 10 percent of her publishing rights, five percent of her movie rights, a little flower lighthouse ornament and any memorabilia that Roxanne Harper wanted to give her.

Another sister, Renay, will get five percent of Matthews’ publishing rights, 10 percent of her movie rights.

Her brother in law, Tobyn Brown, will get everything she owned that was locked up in storage, a large mirror in her bedroom and five percent of the publishing rights to her book. Matthews directed another friend, Leslie Covington, get her “Golden Queen The Lady” art piece on her bedroom wall.

The 80s bombshell released two albums and starred in a string of movies before a drug addiction spiraled out of control. After a 1994 crack binge left her with kidney damage, Matthews became a born again Christian and devoted the remainder of her life to religion.

On her website Matthews wrote that despite her fame, she didn’t have a lot of money and asked for her fans to donate. The will specifies that any debts she had from her hospital stay, funeral and lawyer’s fees must be paid first.


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