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Kim Kardashian Responds To Celebrity Critics Of Nude Pic

Who is this new Kim? The normally lower key Kardashian has been stepping into ‘Ye mode more and more recently, and her recent Twitter rant is a prime example.

After Kimmy shared a throwback nude mirror selfie — carefully edited for social media, of course — several celebs had thoughts to share about Kim revealing her bangin’ married mom body to the masses when she feels like it.

Kim Kardashian Instagram nude

Piers Morgan offered to buy Kimmy some clothes:


Bette Midler said Kim’s bits are yesterday’s news:


And randomly Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl from the “Kickass” series and Chance The Rapper’s rumored boo) scolded Kim for setting a bad example to young women:

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Whereas we’d typically expect Kim to just say nothing, or sic her bulldog Khloe on her haters, Kim took a break from feeding Saint and decided to take this one on for herself:


Kimmy had time tonight! Hit the flip to see what she had to say to each of her critics…

Twitter / Instagram / Splash

First, she went for Piers Morgan’s offer of a new wardrobe…


And she had multiple thoughts for Bette Midler…



And also called Bette out for talking isht even though she apparntly wanted to be in the circle once upon a time…


Next it was time for Kim to come for little Chloe:


Mind you, Chloe isn’t exactly dressed like a librarian on the cover in question:


This one must have gotten to her since Chloe quickly deleted her Kim-criticizing tweets…

Kim had some tea to sip on…

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Before finally letting us all know that if she feels like showing that azz, that’s exactly what she’ll do.


Hey, we aren’t complaining. Of course, not everyone thinks Kim was actually the one behind this late evening ether session:


Hmmm. Your thoughts?



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