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Exclusive: Tisha Campbell-Martin Dishes On The Time Tupac & Jada Pinkett Came Over For Thanksgiving Dinner

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“We were all chilling…”—Tisha Campbell

Tisha Campbell Talks Thanksgiving With Tupac And Jada

Remember when we told you that Tisha Campbell stopped by our “Don’t Be Scared” podcast and revealed to David, Danni and Jah Tommy from Martin’s “secret job”???

“He was a counselor at the Boys & Girls Club. That’s what he did for a living.”

Well in addition to that, Tisha shared several PG or “Pam Grier moments”, including one where Jada Pinkett and her then boo thang Tupac stopped by for Thanksgiving dinner.

“It’s not really anything, it was just me, my husband, Jada, my friend AJ. I was the only one who knew how to cook at the time and I made Thanksgiving dinner and he [Tupac] came over and we were all chilling.”

David D: What was on Tupac’s plate? What’d he get seconds of?

“I think that year I messed up the turkey, no it wasn’t bleeding like Martin—but I think it was everything because I cook vey, very well.”




She also shared details about the time she called out her best friend Tasha’s Smith ex-husband after a judge annulled their marriage.

“I couldn’t wait! My pen game is crazy, my pen game is nuts and I don’t have to use one curse word. […] I could not wait till she was done with her annulment and just to tell her story. I felt like I didn’t want her to have to go through this. I felt like I could protect people by walking that path for them.

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ANNULLED Thank you @tmz for telling the TRUTH! Dunno who leaked it but I'm so glad they did…. @tasha4real WON!!! She got her annulment!! We are celebrating!!!! It's been a secret from the PUBLIC until today. The courts now say, " Tasha was never married.!" First time in the history of law! Does anybody understand that? it Is ANNULMENT after 4 YEARS OF MARRIAGE because of fraud! That has never happened after such a long period of time. judge ruled in Tasha's favor I'm so glad that I can now scream it to the world and it's public knowledge because it's all in the judge's ruling… EVERYTHING. It is now public knowledge now that he had five other marriages Tasha new nothing about, the bigotry… (He was married to two of his ex-wives at the same time and didn't tell her.) We found out after Tasha filed that This dude had JUST gotten married a couple months before he started dating Tasha. He wasn't forthright with the many tax liens against him and that he hadn't paid taxes for TEN years or the criminal past he hid from her. It also came out in court that he had four different social security numbers. Now, ALL HIS LIES are exposed I'm so Effin proud of her for fighting that predictor back AND she wasn't THE FIRST but she'll damn sure be the last. There were others recruited to help him too Some family members had knowledge and some were even in on the hustle. Well somebody is busted n preyed, stole and tried to con the WRONG one! I know I'm going on and on but I'm so Effin proud of my best friend! I was with her and she cried in my arms at her lowest moments but it never made her cower. He never expected her to rise up like she did because he was probably so use to getting away with this shit. He tried to ruin her!!! HE got a a restraining order against Tasha, he went to TMZ, blogs and such spewing lies He publicly tried to defame her character calling her a drunk, said Tasha was physically abusing him? Tried to take her house like he did to one of his other wives. He also manipulated his youngest daughter and had her taunting Tasha with a camera in Tasha's face trying to push, poke or provoke any negative or explosive emotion so they could use it against

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Well daaaaamn Gina!

Listen to the rest of Tisha Campbell’s “Don’t Be Scared” podcast episode below.






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