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LeBron James’ Sassiest Moments

LeBron James is 6’8″ and 260 pounds. He’s a big, intimidating athlete. But when it comes to handling business, he can be as passive aggressive and sassy as they come. He has a long history of being passive aggressive to teammates, friends and coaches. We gathered some of his most sassy moments to bring it back for you. Take a look…


He unfollowed the Cavs on Twitter – Then he refused to answer why…

That time he whispered about rejoining Dwyane Wade loud enough for cameras to hear him on national TV.

He went to Miami to hang out and do shirtless dances with his former teammate, Dwyane Wade while still in Cleveland.

He sent these passive aggressive tweets about his on-again off-again feuding teammates as part of a series of tweets he sent in early March.

He followed Katherine Webb on Twitter immediately after she became a viral sensation. We see you being sneaky beans.


When LeBron wrote his “I’m coming back” article for Sports Illustrated when he returned to Cleveland, he omitted his would-be teammate Andrew Wiggins from people he was looking forward to meeting. Weeks later, Wiggins got traded.

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Lebron James and Kyrie Irving

Last season when he was figuring things out with his team Bron would stop shooting and let Kyrie Irving take over to show that when Kyrie shoots the team loses.

When he was asked about Steph Curry and Under Armor, Bron pretended like he had no clue what the reporter was talking about. We see you.

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At the end of his first run with the Cavs he just walked off the court and yanked his jersey off when the game was over. Then he’d leave the team.

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He got his damn coach fired! He orchestrated the firing of his coach and had him replaced.

Look at him bumping into his coach during the game with the Heat.



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