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Salt-N-Pepa attend the I Love 90's Tour Kickoff

Hip Hop Veterans Celebrate 30 Years In Rap

From “Push It” to “Whatta Man,” Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton have entertained generations of fans as the duo Salt N Pepa. The pioneering hip hop group is celebrating 30 years in the music biz, and spoke to BOSSIP about their upcoming tour, their thoughts on female emcees today and the story behind their hit “Push It.”

BOSSIP: How does it feel to still be in the game after three decades?

Salt: “We always say, when we started, it was like the stars lined up for Salt N Pepa. We don’t have that story where we were trying for years and we got discovered. It just kind of happened. When we get together, we’ve got this combustible energy. We brought fun, fashion and femininity to hip hop, and it was a different thing. All of a sudden, things started happening for us again – the Geico commercial, and from there on everybody’s calling us for everything….We’re just grateful that people are still celebrating the 90s, and celebrating timeless music I guess that’s what it’s about.”

Pepa: “It feels amazing…It feels like the 90s and we don’t even have a song. The love, just everything that’s happening for us, it’s amazing.”

BOSSIP: What’s been the craziest moment in your career?

Salt: “When we were touring in Australia, Pep fell off the stage one time.”

Pepa: “I tore a ligament. I was hurt really bad.”

Salt: “She should’ve been unconscious.”

Pepa: “People were like, ‘the tour is over.’ I was like, naw! The tour is going on.

Salt: I got up, and began the show, hoping she would show up. And she did! She’s a beast, this one. We did a two hour show.”

Salt-N-Pepa attend the I Love 90's Tour Kickoff

BOSSIP: Any other bizarre experiences?

Salt: “For a long period of time, she had an impersonator.”

Pepa: “People like Jermaine Dupri, Bobby Brown, Guy.”

Salt: “They were coming up to her cause this person was saying things to them on the phone.”

Pepa: “She was pretending to be me…People were sending her stuff. It was creepy. I had to actually get the cops involved. I was pissed. It was so creepy.”


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